Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cold Hearted Bastard...That's Me...

With her 1-year-old slung across her lap and her 5-year-old in tow, Ieesha Kelly continued her search for what she has been trying for three years now to find: a job.
But ask Kelly if the presidential election is about unemployed voters like her, and she'll give you a polite but definite "Are you kidding?" kind of look.
"I just want to be employed to do better for my kids and succeed in life," said Kelly, 32, as she used the public-access computers at the WorkSource employment center in Renton last week. Kelly said she was working two part-time jobs before her hours were cut in one, and she was laid off from the other. all means sympathize and empathize...if you can.  Then, ask a simple question:

"If you were unemployed for three years, how it is you have a one year old child?  What exactly were you thinking?"

Personal responsibility seems to be in short supply these days.   The media helps ignore it by printing stories such as this one.  The government helps ignore it by bailing out car companies (General Motors), insurance companies (AIG), and banks when they make idiotic financial decisions and are on the cusp of failure.  What is learned when that occurs?  Nothing...or that despite the idiocy, there is always tomorrow.

I'm tired of it.  It's time to let businesses fail.  It's time to look women in the eye complaining about their straights, and tell them...getting pregnant while unemployed was stupid.

Instead, CNN is marching around telling everyone about "Funemployment."

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