Saturday, October 6, 2012

And You Wondered Where All that Solyndra Money Disappeared To?

The Obama campaign dropped a bombshell this morning. It announced that, combined with the DNC, the campaign raised a staggering $181 million in September. The windfall is a huge increase over July and August, when the campaign raised around $100 million, although it is slightly down from the $193 million it raised in September 2008. The news should raise eyebrows.
The campaign said that just over 1.8 million people made donations to the campaign last month. According to the campaign, over 500k of these were brand-new donors, having neither given in 2008 nor 2012. 98% of contributions were under the reporting threshold of $250. Of these, the average contribution was $53.
Keep in mind that President Obama is getting less and less popular every day.  Also, keep in mind that the enthusiasm for his re-election is way, way below 2008 expectations.  And donors show up in droves with small enough donations that they won't be tracked.

Solyndra and the other green projects were, indeed, successful...and here's your proof.

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