Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our Patronizing President's Week

The economy is on life support here and abroad.  The Middle East is burning with hatred and disarray.  North Korea has announced that it has missiles that can reach the continental United States.  So, let's see how our President is dealing with this fast moving world.

President Obama visited the grave of Cesar Chavez in Keene, Calif., Monday, and dedicated a monument to the late leader of the United Farm Workers.
That's right.  Gotta get that Latino vote.  Romney just went up 7 in Florida.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 9 (UPI) -- President Obama proclaimed Tuesday as Leif Erikson Day, honoring the first large group of Norwegians to emigrate to the United States.
Oh yeah...need to get that  Norwegian vote.  Minnesota and Washington must be running out of    Kool-aid.  What else?
WASHINGTON, Oct. 11 (UPI) -- President Obama proclaimed Thursday as Pulaski Memorial Day in honor of Gen. Casimir Pulaski, one of the heroes of the American Revolution.
Ah ha...that Polish vote must be up for grabs...despite Lech Walesa endorsing Romney.  Wisconsin is already heading towards Romney, and the Illinois internal polls must be shakey.

He'll be wearing a yamaka before the end of next week.

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