Friday, October 12, 2012

Watch the Media Spin to the Bottom of the Bowl

Four days before the Vice Presidential debate I wrote the following.  Biden did not disappoint.  He did, indeed, tell some absolute whoppers, and smiled the whole way whether appropriate or not.  And then, he went that extra mile and told us all he voted against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He contradicted his own State Department on Benghazi etc...  Now the media has to spin it in a fashion that it's about performance, not substance. 

This isn't going to be a debate where Paul Ryan outshines Joe Biden. On the surface it will look like an evenly matched competition. But, if anyone takes an opportunity to dissect what the candidates for Vice President actually say, it will be cringe worthy (to a level rarely seen in national politics).
Mark it...Joe Biden is going to tell some absolute whoppers. He is going to smile while he does it. The media is going to try and protect him the best they can. But, Joe always goes that extra mile and only looks around once he gets there. 
My prediction is that there will be no clear winner from the debate on Thursday. But, there will be a real clear loser. That will be the media trying to spin gold out of damp, rotting straw.
Here's the problem.  Even the performance was just plain disrespectful. 

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