Tuesday, October 9, 2012

No Hope and Big Change...

Some gave a sheepish smile, a slight nod or an apologetic shake of the head.
But most often, the University of Washington students flooding past Elise Randall on Monday didn't bother to look up as she waved a clipboard and loudly offered to help them register to vote on the last day to do so by mail or online.
In two hours standing in the busiest thoroughfare on campus — and directly beneath a statue of George Washington — the graduate student registered two people.
It's been that kind of year for voter-registration advocates.
No...it's been that kind of year for Democrat voter-registration advocates.   You have to have substance to generate interest from the constiuency.   With no substance, there's no enthusiasm. 

Here, again, we see why such democrat heavily weighted polls are such nonsense.

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