Sunday, October 7, 2012

Repercussions...California Gas Prices

Drivers in Southern California awoke Friday to find that their gasoline prices had spiked by nearly 20 cents a gallon overnight as a result of fuel shortages caused by a series of refinery disruptions in recent weeks.
Some gas stations around the Los Angeles area were forced to shut off their pumps because of rationing by suppliers, and they displayed makeshift signs explaining that the shortages were not their fault. Drivers formed long lines at stations that did have gas, with some stations raising prices to more than $5 a gallon for regular gasoline.
The New York Times goes on to pay a bit of lip service to the stricter environmental laws in California causing gas prices to be predominately higher than the rest of the country in general, but they don't dwell on it.  And, more importantly, they don't tell you how that specifically screws the typical Californian at the present. 

These environmental laws caused the true shortage, because they disallow imports from outside the state which don't hold up to their environmental idiocy.  The mixture isn't the same, so can't be sold in the Peoples' Republik or Kaleefornea.   They did it to themselves by electing local legislators who rammed this legislation down their throats (not really, because the Californians voted for them, and it).  Now, they reap their rewards....$5+ gas that will continue to rise. 

Any hopeful Republican candidates in that state who haven't succumbed to the environmental clap-trap should be all over this issue campaigning right at the Vine Street Exxon Station.  Any Pac organizations in their favor should be out there using their money to pay the difference between the actual California cost and the average in the rest of the country to gain voters one fill-up at a time.

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