Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tommy Flanagan of Countries (N. Korea)

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea announced Saturday that it would attempt to launch a long-range rocket in mid-December, a defiant move just eight months after a failed April bid was widely condemned as a violation of a U.N. ban against developing its nuclear and missile programs.
Of course North Korea, also, reported that they found an ancient Unicorn Lair as well.  So, there is that.  I'm sure the Photoshop boys are working hard on next month's missile launch.

Twitter is an Equal Opportunity Racial Tool

In the decades since the civil rights movement helped end segregation in the US, openly racist language has largely disappeared from public discourse.
Yet the re-election of America's first black president on November 6 sparked an ugly outburst by some students at the University of Mississippi in Oxford.
Racial slurs initially made in posts on Twitter and Facebook were soon repeated at an impromptu anti-Obama protest where campaign posters were also burned. Meanwhile rumours of a riot on campus spread on social media.
Researchers say the incident has highlighted how some people are more prepared to voice racist views online than in person. And how social media can be used to mobilise people who share those views very quickly.
There must be a genetic quality that allows Liberals (in this case, The BBC) to overlook all aspects of their reasoning.  Racial slurs from Mississippi students is one facet of the issue.  And, as far as I'm concerned, the ignorance and stupidity of these participating students is on display.

BUT, what about the predominately black population and their use of social media?  Let's include Spike Lee and his attack on an innocent white couple during the whole Travon Martin/ George Zimmerman affair.  Let's comment on those inner city 'yutes' who set-up "flash mob" petty larceny trips to the local Wal-Mart via Twitter.  How about the tirade of black social media users when someone with the same amount of melanin in their skin publicly announced their support for Mitt Romney.

Somehow, someone reasoned that racism, racial slurs and "ugly outbursts" only come from one side of an issue.  That isn't factual.  However, as the BBC shows here, they are doing everything they can to support that  narrative.   And, here's a dirtly little secret that is ironically obvious to everyone.  The N-word is used far more by blacks on Twitter than whites.  The arguments of the left remind me of a movie set.  They focus on the front (which looks correct), and call it a real house despite the wooden posts in the back holding up a piece of painted plywood.

Walk Away

WASHINGTON - President Obama didn't name names Friday in Hatfield, but some of his allies are doing just that.
They are singling out Republican congressmen from suburbs around Philadelphia, with ads and rallies pushing them to break ranks and get behind Obama's call to extend middle-class tax cuts while making the wealthy pay more.
Close on the heels of the president's visit, liberal and labor groups have planned demonstrations Saturday targeting U.S. Reps. Jim Gerlach of County, Pat Meehan of Delaware County, and Charlie Dent in Lehigh County. Others are pressuring Mike Fitzpatrick of Bucks, and a trio of major unions named him and Meehan in a radio ad.
Similarly targeted efforts on behalf of Obama's tax proposals are cropping up in other states.
This is just a microcosm.  This strategy is taking place in every state harboring a Republican House member.  The strategy for the Republicans should be simple.  Walk away.

I wouldn't even be adverse to every Republican (House and Senate) abstaining on each vote relative to taxes and the economy.  It is the quickest and most direct route towards removing the current Socialist natures out of Congress as well as the Presdidency.  It is non-partisan.

Face facts...the number of people dependent on government to give them things is high enough to become the single most important factor in elections.  The mentality today highlights immediate self-gratification.  The only way to overcome this current state of affairs is to remove the potential for the Federal Government to satisfy them.  Given the plan of providing an infinite debt ceiling and taxing the most productive among us out of existence (or to a different domicile in a different country), it will not be long before the Federal Government no longer has the means to issue "gifts."  The only counter for the Liberals out there would be to act in a way that would improve the economy.  Win/win.

That's right...I'm saying that America has to bite the big one before it can escape the ashes of Liberalism.  We are now in the position that suggests that our national bird should not be the Bald Eagle.  It should be the Phoenix.    It's all over but the second Revolution.  And when the figurative smoke clears, one political party needs to be in the position to state that they had nothing to do with it.

Friday, November 30, 2012

All You Need to Know about the UN and Palestine

UNITED NATIONS The United Nations General Assembly voted Thursday, by an impressive margin, to upgrade Palestine from its status as an "Observer Entity" to an "Observer State," a change greeted by celebration in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and with an unusual display of emotion at U.N. Headquarters -- a Palestinian flag unfurled on the Assembly floor.
Imagine an illiterate joining a book club made up of other illiterate members.  They never really participate beyond spending all afternoon observing others pretending to read.  Finally, no matter what book is the focus of that particular meeting, the discussion is always about those two books they absolutely abhor the most.  Ironically, the author of one of those books they despise the most pays for most of their refreshments.

That's all you need to know.

Republican Bill Shuster is a Jackass (I believe in clarity)

WASHINGTON -- Blair County Republican Bill Shuster greeted reporters with a broad smile Wednesday in his first roundtable with journalists since his caucus selected him as chairman of the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.
Then he got down to business, telling reporters he would consider increasing the 18.4 cents per gallon gasoline tax as part of a wide-ranging package of measures being explored as a means of avoiding $600 billion in automatic tax hikes and spending cuts set to take effect in January.
What a jackass!  First of all, the Republicans always lose the "Big Oil" argument with Democrats because they never use the proper weapon.  Each time a Democrat whines about the profits raked in by the Exxon-Mobile's and the British Petroleum's, one only need point out that those entities pull in about 2 or 3 cents on each gallon of fuel sold, while the Federal government pulls in six times that amount per gallon. 

Incidentally, not only is Bill Shuster a jackass, he is giving the Democrats ammunition for the next election already.  Here's how it will sound:

Yeah...we democrats raised taxes on those nasty rich folks...but that Shuster guy...the Republican...presented a plan to tax everyone who uses gasoline.  He (and the Republicans) taxed the poor and middle class...  Vote for me...I'd never do that.

What a jerk.

Pussification of Humanity (Puppy Therapy)

Dalhousie University in Hailfax, Canada has introduced a "puppy room" for students during finals week. The kids can take a break from doing lines of addy and cramming for tests to play with puppies from Therapeutic Paws Of Canada, a group that brings cats and dogs to senior homes and schools.
Right...because once you get out of your little enclosed caring college, all you have to deal with is life.  Therefore, it is imperative that no one be over burdened by stress while taking finals.  That never happens in the real world.  There's no need to teach anyone how to deal with that nasty customer.

This is nothing more than (cover your eyes offended ones)  the "pussification" of humanity.  Whether it be the cancellation of little league all star games to protect the little darlings self-esteem or special rules put in place in football games to disallow a star from scoring too much; this wimpifying nonsense is everywhere.

I keep reading about bullying, and how it is a major problem in schools worldwide.  Well, fellow scientists, when you do everything you can to keep the little ones from developing defensive skills and thicker skin, you are teaching them how to be victims.  Creating a "puppy room" to deal with the stress of taking tests is just a symptom of that malarkey.

Another symptom is thousands of youths lacking self-esteem and proper motivation to succeed.  Quite simply, they peceive themselves to lack the tools to acquire financial stability and rewarding life experiences.  They end up standing on a street corner holding a sign and shouting at the top of their precious lungs at how the wealthy aren't paying their fair share.  They spend more time researching how they can secure entitlements at no cost than determining how they can earn those rewards themselves.  Immediate gratification rules the roost.  To these self-esteem damaged darlings, they think life should be like Netflix, but someone else should pay.

I know.  I got winded because some dinky college in Canada has a room filled with puppies to combat stress.  Not a big deal...right?   Well, no, unless you take the time to connect the dots to all the other "pussification" crap going on out there.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm the Government, and I'm Here to Help Increase Costs

Cracks are appearing in New York City's improvised network of emergency housing for more than 1,000 people who remain homeless nearly a month after superstorm Sandy, including scores of hotel rooms paid for with public money that have been vacant for weeks.
At the Milford Plaza Hotel in Midtown, 120 rooms paid for by the city at a nightly rate of at least $295 have gone unused since mid-November, according to documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. Knocks on the doors of dozens of the rooms went unanswered this week.
The tab for the vacant rooms at the Milford will be just under $1 million, according to the documents. A City Hall spokeswoman said the total cost of the post-storm housing program hadn't been calculated.
The rich aren't paying their fair share so that imaginary people can grab a free hotel room.  Not only that, but I can get a room at the Milford Plaza for $20 cheaper and I'm not reserving in a block which should result in greater discounts.

Pssst...these are the people who are going to be running your health care.  Do you really think it will be cheaper?

Beware of Liberals trying to Help Republicans

Republicans are shooting themselves in the foot with a campaign to prevent U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice from being nominated secretary of state.
The assault on Rice is supposedly due to comments she made just after the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. The GOP just can't seem to drop its failed preelection plan to create a huge scandal out of the tragedy. But the anti-Rice crusade is not only unseemly; it's counterproductive.
By rousing President Obama's ire with a campaign against his friend Rice, Republicans are boxing him in to picking her over the other, better candidate, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry. That's a shame, because Rice isn't the right choice for this critical position - for reasons that have nothing to do with the Benghazi attack.
Trudy Rubin of the Philadelphia Inquirer is looking out for the best interests of the Republicans in this piece addressing UN Ambassador Susan Rice.  She thinks the whole deal is about her absolute obfuscation of the truth during her television talk show tour (meant to assure the American people that the unrest in Benghazi and Cairo related fully to a youtube video).

What she never mentions in her article are the other reasons for keeping a political hack like Susan Rice out of the office of Secretary of State.  She, basically, ignored the growing unrest in Syria and provided China and Russia a foothold of influence.  She blew off various Security Council meetings where Israel was involved, and was missing in action when the Gaza Flotilla nonsense was going on.  There's more...a lot more.  But, you know, Liberal, Trudy Rubin, just wants to help out the Republicans. 

Her premise is that Republicans are being overly partisan forcing President Obama to nominate Susan Rice for Secretary of State (which is what?...Non-partisan).  She believes that John Kerry would be a better choice.  He was in Vietnam, you know. 

My personal opinion is that it really doesn't matter who ends up as Secretary of State.  It could be Rice, Kerry or Gilbert Gottfried for all I care.  It's not going to damage our relations with the rest of the world, because they are already at an all time low courtesy of Hillary Clinton in the current role, and Susan Rice as the missing-in-action US Ambassador.  The hottest spot in the world right now is Iran, and both have been totally inept in attempting to influence a favorable nuclear outcome for the United States. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jindal's Turn to get Attacked on Creationism

A couple of weeks ago, the Democrat Machine attacked Marco Rubio over misinterpreted Creationism comments.   Obviously, it was an effort to damage any future White House endeavors on his behalf.   His comments were simply an effort to combine science and religion, and I thought he did a rather good job of it.  He was vague, non-committal and highly aloof.

Now, it's Bobby Jindal's turn, because he has been mentioned in the same sentence as the term "White House" as well:

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal is rapidly emerging as a new "moderate" Republican voice, but a court case beginning Wednesday is set to shine light on a controversial policy in his state which sees government funding given to schools that teach creationism.
The case has been brought by a Louisiana teachers union and is aimed at a voucher scheme whereby some parents can take their children out of poor state schools and get vouchers to use at private schools.
One of the most controversial aspects of the programme is that some of the schools included on it are conservative Christian organisations that teach creationism in their science classes. When parents use the vouchers at such establishments they are effectively giving state money to teach children lessons that can include alternatives to the theory of evolution or questioning the widely accepted age of the Earth.
In this case, the arm of the DNC extends to the Louisiana teachers Union.  This is how the DNC behaves.  It will never be a campaign of issues.  It will always be an effort to tear down the reputation of the opponent.

And, before you label me as a member of the Conservative God Squad (NTTAWWT), I should point out that I'm agnostic for the most part.  I believe in a Greater Being.  I just don't know what kind of silly hat he wears.

Hmmmm...Something Looks Different

It's the Indiana Colts cheerleading squad.  But, what's that middle aged bald guy doing there?


Ah...showing support for leukemia patients by shaving your heads.  Got it...and nicely done, ladies.

Of course, degenerates like me never look at your heads anyway.  Still...well done.

Redundancy and Fitting In

DRAG QUEENS WILL glitz up the next Mummers Parade in Philadelphia.
Ten veteran drag performers will join the New Year's Day celebration, each in costumes matching the theme of a Fancy Brigade.
"I think it's kind of crazy to be so mainstream now," said Ian Morrison, who handpicked the members of the first "Drag Brigade."
Morrison will participate as his drag alias, Brittany Lynn. He's been performing for 15 years and said that "Philly's come a long way" in terms of LGBT rights. He lauded the city for its support of the gay community, especially in such an iconic Philly tradition.
In the parade, the "Drag Brigade" - made up of Crystal Electra, Alexis Cartier, Misses P., Porcelain, Bridgette Jones, Stella D'Oro, Mary D' Knight, Navaya Shay and Cherry Pop - will lead the string bands from Washington Avenue to City Hall.
I think, perhaps, this is the only parade in the US in which a troop of drag queens will fit right in.  Having attended the Mummers Parade a number of times (a couple times sober) I can assure that no one really sticks out.  Everyone looks like...well...drag queens.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Public School Forgot to Teach This

Do these names look familiar?

Hiram Rhodes Revels
Jefferson Franklin Long
Joseph Hayne Rainey
Robert Carlos De Large
Robert Brown Elliott
Benjamin Sterling Turner
Josiah Thomas Walls
Richard Harvey Cain
John Roy Lynch
Alonzo Jacob Ransier
James Thomas Rapier
Jeremiah Haralson
John Adams Hyman  
Charles Edmund Nash
Robert Smalls
Blanche Kelso Bruce
James Edward O’Hara
Henry Plummer Cheatham
John Mercer Langston
Thomas Ezekiel Miller
George Washington Murray
George Henry White
Oscar Stanton De Priest 1929 1931
These gentlemen are the first African-Americans to serve in Congressional office (be it House or Senate).  Every single one of them was a Republican...EVERY SINGLE ONE.  The last in the list was the only individual elected to what the politically correct Left likes to call the "Modern Era."   De Priest was elected in 1929 to the 71st Congress. 
Then *BANG*...all of a sudden African-Americans elected to congress were Democrats.  What happened in that point of history that can account for such a switch in loyalties?  What changed the black vote (almost overnight) from Republican to Democrat?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt happened.  It was the point in US history where the Democratic party became the Party of "Giving Stuff Away."   The first twenty-three (23) black congressmen elected to office were all Republicans.  The Federal Government passed the New Deal, and all of a sudden loyalties changed.  FDR offered economic relief by opening up the coffers of the federal government.   At the same time, millions of blacks left the south for the north and points west.   But, the primary reason for the about-face was the fact that the Democratic Party was willing to introduce a meme of giving away gifts and creating dependents so that a captive electorate could be established.  That was the most basic purpose of the New Deal...political long-term dominance.
And it still works the tune of about 95% voting loyalties among blacks to the Democratic party.  It's well over a half century later, and (as PJ O'Rourke might say) the party of Santa Clause is still active, but never really existed.

It's the UN Climate Change Conference (What does Integrity Mean?)

DOHA, Qatar - The United Nations is warning that a thawing in the permafrost that covers almost a quarter of the northern hemisphere could "significantly amplify global warming."
The warning came in a U.N. report released as climate talks intensified on Tuesday in Qatar.
The report says the dangers of carbon dioxide and methane emissions from warming permafrost are becoming an emerging issue among climate scientists. These dangers have so far not been factored in projections about future temperature rises.
Gosh...I wish I had a nickel for each time the talks at the UN "intensified."  So, climate change is now going to warm the permafrost and cause methane and carbon dioxide to be released. 

I'm guessing that the basis for this announcement is based on a paper by Natalia Shakhova and Igor Semiletov back in 2010.  I'm guessing, because the article never points out the basis for the UN's conjecture...which seems to be the trend these days.  Governing by press release.  Anyway, here's the rub:
The reply from Semiletov and Shakhova is enlightening and is the QOTW:
We would first note that we have never stated that the reason for the currently observed methane emissions were due to recent climate change.
In fact, we explained in detail the mechanism of subsea permafrost destabilization as a result of inundation with seawater thousands of years ago.
Yeah...whoops.... the basis for this methane release goes back thousands of years.  But, don't drive a Hummer...especially if you have a time machine.

Monday, November 26, 2012

USA Today (Best Friend to the White House)

9:42AM EST November 26. 2012 - President Obama's economic team is combining Cyber Monday and the Christmas shopping season with a warning about the perils of the so-called fiscal cliff.
A report released Monday details what the White House calls "the impact to retailers and consumer spending if Congress fails to act to avoid taxes going up on 98 percent of Americans at the end of the year."
White House officials and congressional Republicans and Democrats are negotiating a new budget deal to avoid what they call the fiscal cliff, a series of automatic tax hikes and spending cuts that take effect in the absence of an agreement; that includes the expiration of the George W. Bush tax cuts.
Obama wants to extend the Bush tax cuts for everyone except Americans who make more than $250,000 a year; the Republicans want to extend all the Bush tax cuts.
Incredible...simply incredible.  Not a word in this article about the necessity of government spending cuts (beyond the automatic cuts if nothing is done).  Not a word about the fact that there is a "fiscal cliff" because of acts taken by the current administration in the first four years. 

All this article the second highest circulated domestic daily trying to put pressure on the Republicans to "tax the rich."  No mention that the rich are the employers.  No mention that if you tax the "rich" they will make up the difference elsewhere (going overseas with businesses, cutting employees from their payroll, increasing the prices on their products, lowering expectations on research and development, limiting their product diversification etc).

This is propoganda plain and simple.    I'm starting to think that the Republicans should just abstain from every vote, and let the current Administration and Democrats do whatever they want.  In four years, it will be an absolute mess.  Otherwise, there will be a smaller mess, but the Republicans will be blamed come the next election.

American History You never Hear About

I wonder why this particular incident in history never makes into the public education curriculum:
In the House of Representatives, Washington, D.C., Galusha Grow (Republican) of Pennsylvania uttered a few antislavery remarks, then wandered over to the Democratic side of the aisle to talk to a colleague.  From there he responded to still another member's remarks, even though he was not at his seat...or even amoung his fellow Republicans. 
None of this was lost upon South Carolina's Democratic representative, Laurence M. Keitt, who told the Pennsylvanian to "go back to your own side of the hall."
Grow replied: "This is a free hall and every man has a right to be where he pleases.  I will object when and where I please."
Whereupon Keitt said, "Sir, I will let you know that you are a black Republican puppy."
Grow then said the hall belonged to the American people, he could stay where he pleased, "and no slave driver shall crack his whip over my head."
Seconds later, the fists flew in the House chamber.  Keitt went down, knocked out cold by Grow's punch to the jaw.  But the fight didn't end there...or with them.
It wasn't as shocking at the time, in 1856, that South Carolina's representative, Preston Smith Brooks (Democrat), strode into the Senate chamber and broke his gutta-percha cane beating on stridently abolitionist Senator Charles Sumner (Republican) of Massachusetts, but it was a bona fide fight on the House floor all right.  Others immediately plunged into the melee.  It is said that knives and even pistols were in evidence.  Someone hurled a large spittoon, and Representative William Barksdale of Mississippi lost his wig to a Wisconsin member.  When Barksdale got it back, he put it on backward.  The levity that resulted helped restore order to the House.
In 1863, Barksdale was killed at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  In 1864, Keitt was killed at Cold Harbor, Virginia.
It amazes me to no end that the Democrat-ic party continues to own the black vote.  Perhaps it is because the public schools of today fail to teach proper history.  They don't dwell on events such as the one above.  They never bring up the Democrat-ic party's opposition to the Civil Rights Act, and Democrat, Robert Byrd's filibuster of same.  They never comment on how Al Gore's father joined Byrd in the endeavor. 
Perhaps it is because the Republican party doesn't do good PR.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Media Still In Protection Mode

More shoppers walked into malls and stores on Black Friday this year compared to last, but they didn’t spend as much, according a report released Saturday by ShopperTrak.
Compared to Black Friday last year, retail foot traffic rose 3.5 percent, to more than 300 million store visits.
“We think that’s an indication that the housing market is a little better, the job market is a little better – consumer confidence is up,” said Bill Martin, the founder of the Chicago-based retail-foot traffic counter. Last year foot traffic was up 4.7 percent from 2010.
Yeah...people walking around in the Mall without buying is a DEFINITE indication that the housing market is a little better, the job market is a little better- consumer confidence is up.

It's also a clear sign that the media will do ANYTHING to protect their chosen president.  Apparently, purchasing is no longer a valid aspect of retail sales determination.  Instead, it is just showing up at a store.

Twisting the Narrative

 The Philadelphia Inquirer provides this offering suggesting that the Republican Party is arguing internally over whether to raise taxes.  They make a point to confirm that over the last generation, it has been the Republicans who have taken a solid position against tax hikes.
For a generation, it has been Republican orthodoxy: No tax hikes. Period.
And, if they knew what was good for them, GOP candidates for Congress, governor, or president, would as a matter of course publicly sign conservative lobbyist Grover Norquist's pledge to eschew any tax increase, even by closing loopholes or tweaking the code.
Norquist, the enforcer of the true faith, stores the signed pledges in a vault in the Washington offices of his advocacy group, Americans for Tax Reform, and he has often threatened primary challenges for those who break their word.
The spell has worked for a long time. But now, Norquist's hold on the party may be loosening.
It's a shame that the Philadelphia was so dishonest during the past general election.  They, not only, said that Obama wouldn't raise taxes...but stated that Romney would.  And now, they are trying to fan the flames of a disagreement within the Republican party which may, or may not even exist. 

I mean, how can you trust a newspaper that misleads so purposefully?