Saturday, November 10, 2012

War on Women (they can't fight if they don't show up)

Hey's a conference on contemporary women in Saudi Arabia.


I remind you, once again, that 85% of Muslims voted for Obama, and the Republicans have some kind of female war going on.  Or something...

It's Microcosm Time (everybody dance)

The Philadelphia School District is in the hole and their finances are putrid.  I wonder what caused the problem.
How did the district arrive in its current financial predicament?
A failure to cut costs as it shrank was a factor; certainly big cuts in state and federal revenue and the brutal economy have contributed to the fiscal woes. But Ramos has acknowledged that "poor fiscal policy" - too much borrowing, too much spending on the part of prior administrations - also landed the district in its tight spot.
The short version is that they spend too much, and when enrollment drops in the city, they refuse to close schools and consolidate, because that would mean the layoff of employees (the teacher's union would not allow that).

So, how are they going to fix the problem?
 The Philadelphia School Reform Commission moved Wednesday to borrow $300 million - money it needs just to pay teachers, heat buildings, and buy books for the rest of the school year.
The vote by the commission was unanimous.  This is how Liberals apply economics.  Spend, and then borrow.  Tax...then keep spending...then borrow again.

ADDENDUM:  You know what?  Let's do some research. 

The Philadelphia Public School District has a teacher to student ration of 1/19.   There is a teacher for each 19 students.  This is low.  And yet, they will layoff no educators.  They will close no schools and consolidate students.  Not only would they cut down on costs tremendously through salary and building maintenance, they would be in a position to sell prime real estate to private entities due to the abandoned locations.  These are significant figures.

Also, the total enrollment of the Philadelphia Public School System is 196,309.  They receive $7,669 for each student, which totals over $1.5 Billion.  They can't make the system work with that much money, and require a $300 Million loan just to make payroll.

Does anyone remember President Obama's priority in solving the economic crisis?  That's right, he wants to hire more teachers.

Burn America Burn...

War On Women (as long as it isn't literal)

NEW YORK — Democrats and liberal advocacy groups have declared victory in what they called a Republican “war on women” and are celebrating the pivotal defeats of some GOP candidates who took rigid stands against abortion.
However, the issues in dispute — notably access to contraception and abortion — are far from settled, and social conservatives are already girding for new confrontations.
Yes...without question, Republicans do everything possible to subjugate women.  That's sarcasm for you troglodytes out there. 

Meanwhile, Democrats received over 85% of the Muslim vote:

 Women shut out of Syria’s opposition leadership
 Thousands of hard-liners demonstrated in Cairo yesterday to demand that Shariah, or Islamic law, be the basis for legislation in a new constitution being drafted for Egypt.

Friday, November 9, 2012

CBS Sycophancy

(MoneyWatch) The election is finally over, which means the tax clock is ticking. Congress now has eight weeks until the U.S. economy jumps over the much-dreaded "fiscal cliff," the combination of tax increases and spending cuts that are scheduled to go into effect in January 2013.
Two days.  That's all it took for CBS to finally admit that President Obama raised taxes on the Middle Class to become effective after the General Election.  Disgusting and dishonest.  Blatant and sad.

And here is the CBS Fact Check comment from August of this year:

There are two problems with this claim. The first is that Mr. Obama has not raised taxes on the middle class.
Lying sacks of excrement...that is our network media.

One-stop Shopping

PHILADELPHIA could be facing a class-action lawsuit on behalf of gun owners who say the city violated their privacy by publishing their personal information and launching an interactive Web map that included clickable icons of revolvers over their homes.
Attorney Joshua Prince filed a motion this week in Common Pleas Court, requesting that the suit be sealed to avoid revealing the names of his five clients - and potentially hundreds of others if the case is granted class-action status.
This was stupid, on the part of the City of Philadelphia.  Ultimately, no one is giving the true reasons for releasing the personal information and (more importantly) location of the gun owners.  Simply put, it was intimidation and vindictive politics of the Left. 

As a result of this behavior, gun owners all over the city are the equivalent to marked targets by those less than savory characters that would like to add an illegal gun to their personal collection.  In essence, the City of Philadelphia gave an interactive map to criminals so they would know where to go to steal a gun that they couldn't acquire legally.

I'm not a fan of a litigious society, but I hope this Class Action suit nails the City officials with a vengeance.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

This Sucks...and so does Boeing

From September:
The Obama administration issued new guidance intended for defense contractors Friday afternoon, reiterating the administration’s position that the companies should not be issuing layoff notices over sequestration.
And, today:
 Boeing announced a major restructuring of its defense division on Wednesday that will cut 30 percent of management jobs from 2010 levels, close facilities in California and consolidate several business units to cut costs.

"Instead, he and his allies focused in large part on undermining Romney"

Gannett (USA Today) is one such ally, and continues in that role.

Gannett owned water carrier for President Obama, USA Today (the second highest circulated domestic news source) finally admits the truth.  They had no idea what his second term agenda was (or if they did, they hid it).  They admit that the whole campaign rallied around trying to destroy the challenger (Romney).  USA Today did their part in perpetrating exactly that.

In this year's campaign, Obama didn't do much to establish a policy mandate for his victory. Instead, he and his allies focused in large part on undermining Romney, depicting him as a heartless corporate raider with little empathy for the lives of most Americans.
It worked. In surveys of voters as they left polling places, one in five voters said the most important quality in determining their vote was that the candidate "care about people like me;" they broke by 4-1 for Obama. Three in 10 said the most important quality was having "a vision for the future;" a majority of those supported Romney.
"It is not as though the president announced an ambitious second-term agenda," says William Galston, a former White House domestic-policy adviser to President Clinton. "He may have one in mind, but he has not done much to share it with the American people."
Of course, USA Today fails again in this regard.  The title of this piece is, " 4 more years: What to expect of Obama's 2nd-term."  And then they tell us absolutely nothing in any detail, because no one in the press has been forward enough to simply ask, and keep asking until it was revealed.

This is How it Works Now

Philadelphia thinks they lead the entitlement charge, and they see nothing sorted about that:
"The numbers coming out of Philly were really significant," he said. "I don't know how much [federal] money is going to be available, but I would think that Mayor Nutter and the congressional delegation should be at the front of the list."
What was it that President John F. Kennedy was best known for?  Oh yeah... "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."  Philadelphia, and the supporters of the Democrat party have become the absolute antithesis of such sentiment, and they will never contemplate the consequences.

 Not only that, but there is an open opinion here that suggests (no...concludes) that voting for the current president guarantees taxpayer money.  This in its own right is institutional cronyism right out in the open (and expected).  It, also, concludes that states and organizations not supporting the current president are not entitled to the same assistance. 

Which political party is the partisan one again?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Holy Crap, This Lunatic is Back

ORLANDO, Florida (WKMG) - Democrat Alan Grayson has been elected to U.S. House of Representatives.
Grayson defeated Republican Todd Long on Tuesday night for the newly carved congressional District 9, which serves Orange and Osceola counties.
He says things like this:

 "By the way, I have trouble listening to what he (Dick Cheney) says sometimes because of the blood that drips from his teeth while he's talking, but my response is this: he's just angry because the president doesn't shoot old men in the face," Grayson said. "But by the way, when he was done speaking, did he just turn into a bat and fly away?"

The Face of the Democrat Party

Winning well over 60% of the vote, Jesse Jackson Jr. waltzed to victory in the 2nd Congressional District of Illinois.  The fact that he received any votes at all reflects that substance doesn't matter...nor does reputation, performance, or honesty.  All that matters is a heavily democrat ridden District that is over 60% African-American demographics.  The main challenger was a white law professor with no criminal record, who had a habit of showing up for work.

The re-elected Congressman hasn't shown up for work since taking a medical leave five (5) months ago.  He claims to be suffering from bipolar disorder, but that hasn't stopped an occasional adult beverage at the Bier Baron Tavern.  That's curious since drinking alcohol doesn't mix with such an affliction.

He is currently he is under federal investigation for using campaign funds to redecorate his home.  Previously, he had been confirmed as "Senate Candidate #5" in jailbird Ron Blagojevich's "pay to play" scheme on replacing Barack Obama in the US Senate.  It had been confirmed that Jesse Jackson Jr. had been questioned for months over the criminal scandal by federal prosecutors.

We have seen party pundits, talk show hosts, and politicians excoriate us by stating that if President Obama was not re-elected, it was purely because we great unwashed were racist.  This mantra has been repeated ad nauseam by the Democrat party faithful.  Well then...what about the race for the 2nd District of Illinois?  Are the constituents racist...or just plain stupid?   I suppose those two descriptions are not mutually exclusive.

This is the face of the Democrat Party...both politician and voter alike.

What to Look Forward To

Oh man...just wait and see how many opportunities there will be to say:

1.  The United States will loose it's current long term credit rating of AA+ within months.

2.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will dump more strenuous and debilitating regulations on all businesses (with a concentration on energy) in less than 30 days.

3.  The un-employment % will increase over 8% within the next monthly cycle.

4.  Executive Orders circumventing Congress that expand amnesty for illegal immigrants will increase at a rapid rate until even these individual orders will overlap each other.

5.  Attempts to nationalize other large industries and determine executive salary on private industry will be like nothing ever seen before.

6.  Taxes already in effect from The Affordable Care Act will now be made public knowledge for the first time in the mainstream as the press reports on them for the first time while failing to mention that it increases costs across the board, and still doesn't address the uninsured.

7.  Hundreds of Billions more in tax payer dollars will find their way to campaign bundlers for Obama in the form of green energy start-ups.

8.  Iran has been assured nuclear weapons.

9.  Energy costs are about to shoot through the roof as the White House makes it known publicly (this time reported by the press) that it is his intention to make sure the coal industry is gone, and that electricity and gasoline cost significantly more as a deterrent to "overuse."

10.  The leeches of society are going to continue to demand more free stuff, and they are going to get it so that the general election in four years is even more dependent on that irresponsibility.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

VOTE !!!

"My Vice President ALWAYS wears a that?"

Incompetent Beavers

A beaver dam built across a pond near Duvall broke apart on Monday, unleashing a torrent of water, mud and debris that damaged a home and flooded a street.
The dam broke apart around 11 a.m., and water from a 3- to 4-acre pond traveled down a natural watershed, forcing road closures near a roundabout at Northeast 124th Street and state Highway 203, said Lynne Miller, spokeswoman for the King County Office of Emergency Management.
No injuries were reported.
"I had a wall of water 4 to 5 feet high, 160 feet wide up behind my house, around both sides of my house," said Bob Siko, whose home was damaged by the floodwaters.
Where to start?  Well, first, let's be clear, the beaver didn't have a building permit from King County to build the damn dam in the first place.  That's been confirmed.  And since PETA is so willing to anthropomorphize animals such that they should have rights of their own, I think it only justifiable that the beaver responsible for this damage be brought in to answer for his/her crimes.

Look...we can't have incompetent beavers building their damn dams just anywhere.  And, proper maintenance should be an obligation.  This might even be a hate crime, if it can be shown that the beaver held a deep rooted disdain for the hairless two-leggers.  Nail the bastard!!!

Isn't that Sweet

Viviette Applewhite, the 93-year-old lead plaintiff who sued to block Pennsylvania's voter ID law, was among the first in line to vote this morning when the polls opened.
"I'm so happy this is it. Maybe my phone be quiet tomorrow," she said, complaining about the flood of campaign calls.
When she obtained her non-driver license in August, Miss Applewhite, who uses an electric wheelchair, had to travel several miles via two buses to the nearest PennDot center.
But to cast her vote this morning, she only had to take the elevator nine floors down to the polling place in her Germantown senior apartment building.
She waited about 10 minutes in line, but voting took only a few seconds.
She voted Democrat, right down the line. "I don't care who the president is, as long as it's a Democrat," she said, although she was wearing an Obama charm bracelet.
Wonderful...the woman who the Left shoved on the "lead the charge float" to assure that anyone and everyone can vote (whether legal or not) voted first thing this morning.  Her premise for how she voted was "I don't care who the president is, as long as it's a Democrat."   And the thing is, she had no difficulty securing a Voter ID when push came to shove, despite the fact that the name on her birth certificate doesn't match her other documents, and she doesn't possess a social security number.

America rules!!!

The 'Golden Hour'

(L-R) Chief of Joint Operations Lt. Gen. Ash Power AO, CSC awards a Chief of Joint Operations Gold Commendation to U.S. Army Captain Zack Mauss, Chief Warrant Officer 4 Andy Druilhet U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Joe Buatti, and Sgt. Ian McCallum, from Company C, 3rd Battalion, 25th Aviation Regiment, Task Force Gunfighters, 25th Combat Aviation Brigade, during an award ceremony at Multinational Base Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan, Oct. 18. (Photo by Australian Sgt. W. Guthrie, 1st Joint Public Affairs Unit)

On the afternoon of Aug. 23, the MEDEVAC crew on duty received a “CAT A” 9-line request. CAT A, or Category Alpha, refers to urgent medical care needed – evacuate immediately. The victim was an Australian soldier who received severe wounds to both legs caused by an improvised explosive device.
The crew flew out to the location as quickly as they could. Upon arrival, the MEDEVAC pilots had to perform a two-wheeled landing due to the terrain limitations where the wounded soldier was. In less than one minute, the soldier was loaded onto the helicopter and headed to the nearest medical facility.
The medics in the aircraft worked feverishly to restore the vital signs of the injured soldier. With the distance to the patient and then to the nearest medical facility, the MEDEVAC crew managed to complete the mission in 52 minutes. This was within the ‘golden hour’ — the time allotted from the time the call comes in to fly out and evacuate the patient to the nearest medical facility giving the patient the best chance of saving their life.
“The most rewarding part of the night was following the ceremony when members of the unit that hit the IED came forward to individually thank us for the work we did in saving their comrade,” said Mauss. “Although their comrade was severely injured, they were relieved that he is now home with his family in Australia making a strong recovery.”
Nicely done...

Monday, November 5, 2012

Pennsylvania Will Be Solidly in the Obama Category (Deal with it)

I keep seeing that pundits think that Pennsylvania is a toss-up in this election.  Get a freaking clue.  Since Voter ID was shot down until the next election, (and still under challenge) the cheating will be to an unprecedented level.

In the 2008 election of Obama v. McCain the vote total was 5,995,137.  Obama received 3.2 Million of those votes.  Currently, there are just about 1 Million registered voters in Philadelphia.  Over 800,000 of them are Democrats.

According to figures from the state Department of State, there were about 1 million registered voters in the city as of September 3. State data showed 811,808 Democrats, 129,369 Republicans, 76,903 with no party affiliation and 21,442 from all other parties combined.
I guarantee every single one of those +800,000 will vote in this election whether they show up the election station or not.  That's nearly 1/6th of the entire State's totals in one city.  The same will take place in union heavy downtown Pittsburgh.  Pennsylvania has turned into a state that is always about turnout.  The question is whether the rural areas will show up in numbers huge enough to offset the blatant cheating and fraud of all the metropolitan areas.  I'm talking about Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Reading, Scranton, Easton, Allentown, Bethlehem...

Every single one of the cities above has grown astronomically in immigrants (illegal and otherwise) over the last decade.  It is the only population growth occurring throughout the state and it is predominately Hispanic.

Add to all this the fact that places like Reading, PA (Reading, Pennsylvania, Leads Nation’s Cities in Poverty Rate) are dependent on entitlements, welfare, Obama phones and the like. 

Pennsylvania won't even be close.  The polls have been reflecting an overall examination of the state by sampling each area.  However, the only important areas will be metropolitan, and they will want to keep the gravy train running.  There will be nearly 100% turnout in those locations to do just that. 

The pundits are full of crap.

Addendum:  Forget about New Hampshire as well, while you're at it.  The Voter ID law there is stalled, just like Pennsylvania.  Also, in that state, you can register to vote the day of the General Election...which explains all the Massachusetts license plates scampering through the state that day.  Bus parking is always available at the NH polling stations.   That's an old joke up there. the way

Ted S. Warren/AP

General Motors gets is Ass Handed to It

So...have you heard President Obama on the campaign trail touting his "saving" of General Motors, Inc?  He likes to say that it is the #1 car maker.  Well, it's not.  That would be Toyota.
TOKYO: Toyota’s quarterly profit tripled, driven by a recovery from natural disasters, and the company raised its full-year earnings forecast Monday despite a sales slump in China.
Toyota Motor Corp., on track to regain the crown of world’s No. 1 automaker this year, reported a July-September net profit of 257.9 billion yen ($3.2 billion) compared with an 80.4 billion profit a year earlier. The result was better than the 238 billion yen ($3 billion) quarterly profit forecast by analysts surveyed by FactSet.
Japan’s top automaker raised its profit forecast for the full fiscal year through March 2013 to 780 billion yen ($9.8 billion) from 760 billion yen ($9.5 billion).
Food for thought...General Motors didn't have to deal with devastation to it's physical plants due to a huge Tsunami.  Toyota did, and they still kicked GM in the last fiscal quarter.  Shocking that our President would...oh, I don't know...lie.

Worthless "Science"

FRIDAY, Nov. 2 (HealthDay News) -- Investigators have found preliminary evidence that eating red meat and poultry seems to boost the risk of breast cancer in white women -- but not black women.
"Most breast cancer studies have been conducted in [white] women," senior study author Dr. Elisa Bandera, an epidemiologist at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, said in an institute news release.
So while previous research into the association between meat consumption and breast cancer has only looked at white women, Bandera noted, "our study provides new information on the role consumption of animal foods play on breast cancer development in women of European and African ancestry."
Question #1:  Who provided the grant (if there was one) to do the research?  Without that information, it is hard to objectively accept the "results."  For all we know this study was funded by chickens and cows.  I wouldn't blame them.  Or it could be another indirect vegan effort disguised as science.  But, it doesn't even matter.  And, here's why:
Although the study found an association between meat consumption and breast cancer risk in certain women, it did not prove a cause-and-effect relationship.


 In other words, it's totally worthless.  In fact, consider that it might not be the meat causing cancer, but the spices and condiments applied.  Or, perhaps, since there is a disconnect on the theory between whites and blacks, that it might be a totally different product or exposure in their lives that has nothing even to do with food consumption.  This study appears absolutely worthless, unless its purpose was to make the public (white public) wary of eating meat.  Now who would want to do such a thing?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nationalism in Russia and the US

Several thousand Russian ultra-nationalists whose ranks include fierce Kremlin critics have marched through central Moscow calling for President Vladimir Putin's resignation and an end to illegal immigration.
Armed with anti-Putin slogans and black and yellow flags of pre-revolutionary Russia, the black-clad participants in the "Russian March" took to the streets on Sunday.
The march was timed to coincide with the Day of Popular Unity, a national holiday which this year marks the 400th anniversary of the 1612 expulsion of Polish occupiers from the Kremlin.
"We are the authorities, the authorities are us," some participants shouted.
"Putin's clique to trial," shouted others. "We beat Hitler, we will beat Putin."
Putin has been facing a nascent protest movement against his rule since an election that returned him to the Kremlin for a third term in May, and the anti-Putin cause has become popular with ultra-nationalists.
I've always supported a sense of nationalism in general.  There is a pride represented of past accomplishments and a vision of purpose on a purely sovereign basis.  However, nationalism translates to "racism" and "xenophobia" in the Utopian world of the politically correct. 

Were a defined Nationalist Party to pop its head up in the United States, it would be lopped off in the press and emphasized by no-nothing half-wits in the street screaming racism at the top of their lungs...and that's a shame. 

The truth of the matter is that nationalism has nothing to do with your skin color or even your origin.  It's about being all in on the country you call home.  You learn the language.  You learn the customs.  You try to fit in and succeed.  Rather than require street signs in your language, you learn to read those in the country to which you emigrated.  Rather than requiring special privilages and rights to correspond with the amount of melanin in your skin tone or the country of your birth, you accept that there is more to country than individual self.  You bask in the pride that you live in a country that best represents your ideas of freedom and liberty.

All that being said, I find it amusing that the press (and the Left, which is the same thing) haven't recognized that a good majority of the Tea Party is steeped deeply in nationalism.  Ah...they have a taste of that, but haven't realized the depth.  There's nothing racist about the Tea Party.  And, yet, the Left goes out of their way to call it just that.  Still, they don't truly understand the full nature.  The Tea Party doesn't dress in a uniform way.  But, they carry their country's flag.  There is uniformity in that.

In a sense, the nationalism represented in the above article is the same in the United States.  However, we are a bit more subtle.  It will be interesting to see which bloc is more successful, and whether the other learns from that result.


Witnesses have said that at least 50 Muslim pilgrims have been trampled to death during a stoning ritual at the annual Hajj in Suadi Arabia.

You Have to Pass the Bill to Find Out What's In the Bill

Joanne Silberner stood at the podium, about to referee a CityClub panel on health-care costs.
As a former health-policy correspondent for National Public Radio, Silberner knows a lot.
But, she told the panelists and the audience, she was baffled when she got two bills after a recent visit to a dermatologist.
One bill, for $109, was for the doctor, who saw her in his office at the Roosevelt Clinic. Then, to her dismay, she got another bill — $228 — for using the space.
The care she got seemed identical to an earlier visit with a dermatologist at another clinic — except for the two-bill whammy.
Such add-on facility charges are increasingly common for office visits — even routine ones — as hospitals around the country consolidate and buy independent practices. Clinics and practices operated by hospitals can charge the fees, as Silberner discovered at Roosevelt Clinic, licensed by UW Medical, a hospital system.
What?  No unicorns and double rainbows?  Incredible.  Or, maybe not.  Doctors are getting and will be getting gouged by Obamacare.  In a recent poll, 83% of Physicians considered quitting the industry (and it is an industry) when Obamacare was passed.  This is specifically related to low ball costs mandated by the Federal Government amoung other costly items.  As with any industry, the facilitator will look for a more sensible way to control costs, or consider following another career path. 

Guess what...hospitals see this as a way to diversify and secure a stable business environment so that they can continue to do business in the black...and not the red.  They have to make up the difference for E/R visits by the chronically uninsured, and more frequent illegal immigrants somehow.   This is one such way, that was created by Obamacare.

Nothing Like a Good First Impression ("I'm your servant" style)

FRIDAY, Nov. 2 (HealthDay News) -- A new study provides scientific evidence that a handshake helps you make a good first impression.
The handshake is believed to date to ancient times as a way of showing a stranger that you had no weapons, and a firm, friendly handshake has long been recommended in the business world and for job seekers.
University of Illinois researchers used functional MRI scans to monitor brain activity in 18 male and female volunteers who watched and rated videos of people interacting in a business setting. The scans showed a positive "social evaluation" brain response when the volunteers saw the people in the videos shake hands.

In the words of Aragorn... "My friends, you bow to no one."  It's not entirely the message being portrayed by our Appeaser in's the message being perceived.  This is anti-leader behavior, and as the University of Illinois study states, first impressions via handshakes mean something.