Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What to Look Forward To

Oh man...just wait and see how many opportunities there will be to say:

1.  The United States will loose it's current long term credit rating of AA+ within months.

2.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will dump more strenuous and debilitating regulations on all businesses (with a concentration on energy) in less than 30 days.

3.  The un-employment % will increase over 8% within the next monthly cycle.

4.  Executive Orders circumventing Congress that expand amnesty for illegal immigrants will increase at a rapid rate until even these individual orders will overlap each other.

5.  Attempts to nationalize other large industries and determine executive salary on private industry will be like nothing ever seen before.

6.  Taxes already in effect from The Affordable Care Act will now be made public knowledge for the first time in the mainstream as the press reports on them for the first time while failing to mention that it increases costs across the board, and still doesn't address the uninsured.

7.  Hundreds of Billions more in tax payer dollars will find their way to campaign bundlers for Obama in the form of green energy start-ups.

8.  Iran has been assured nuclear weapons.

9.  Energy costs are about to shoot through the roof as the White House makes it known publicly (this time reported by the press) that it is his intention to make sure the coal industry is gone, and that electricity and gasoline cost significantly more as a deterrent to "overuse."

10.  The leeches of society are going to continue to demand more free stuff, and they are going to get it so that the general election in four years is even more dependent on that irresponsibility.

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