Monday, November 5, 2012

Pennsylvania Will Be Solidly in the Obama Category (Deal with it)

I keep seeing that pundits think that Pennsylvania is a toss-up in this election.  Get a freaking clue.  Since Voter ID was shot down until the next election, (and still under challenge) the cheating will be to an unprecedented level.

In the 2008 election of Obama v. McCain the vote total was 5,995,137.  Obama received 3.2 Million of those votes.  Currently, there are just about 1 Million registered voters in Philadelphia.  Over 800,000 of them are Democrats.

According to figures from the state Department of State, there were about 1 million registered voters in the city as of September 3. State data showed 811,808 Democrats, 129,369 Republicans, 76,903 with no party affiliation and 21,442 from all other parties combined.
I guarantee every single one of those +800,000 will vote in this election whether they show up the election station or not.  That's nearly 1/6th of the entire State's totals in one city.  The same will take place in union heavy downtown Pittsburgh.  Pennsylvania has turned into a state that is always about turnout.  The question is whether the rural areas will show up in numbers huge enough to offset the blatant cheating and fraud of all the metropolitan areas.  I'm talking about Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Reading, Scranton, Easton, Allentown, Bethlehem...

Every single one of the cities above has grown astronomically in immigrants (illegal and otherwise) over the last decade.  It is the only population growth occurring throughout the state and it is predominately Hispanic.

Add to all this the fact that places like Reading, PA (Reading, Pennsylvania, Leads Nation’s Cities in Poverty Rate) are dependent on entitlements, welfare, Obama phones and the like. 

Pennsylvania won't even be close.  The polls have been reflecting an overall examination of the state by sampling each area.  However, the only important areas will be metropolitan, and they will want to keep the gravy train running.  There will be nearly 100% turnout in those locations to do just that. 

The pundits are full of crap.

Addendum:  Forget about New Hampshire as well, while you're at it.  The Voter ID law there is stalled, just like Pennsylvania.  Also, in that state, you can register to vote the day of the General Election...which explains all the Massachusetts license plates scampering through the state that day.  Bus parking is always available at the NH polling stations.   That's an old joke up there.

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