Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Incompetent Beavers

A beaver dam built across a pond near Duvall broke apart on Monday, unleashing a torrent of water, mud and debris that damaged a home and flooded a street.
The dam broke apart around 11 a.m., and water from a 3- to 4-acre pond traveled down a natural watershed, forcing road closures near a roundabout at Northeast 124th Street and state Highway 203, said Lynne Miller, spokeswoman for the King County Office of Emergency Management.
No injuries were reported.
"I had a wall of water 4 to 5 feet high, 160 feet wide up behind my house, around both sides of my house," said Bob Siko, whose home was damaged by the floodwaters.
Where to start?  Well, first, let's be clear, the beaver didn't have a building permit from King County to build the damn dam in the first place.  That's been confirmed.  And since PETA is so willing to anthropomorphize animals such that they should have rights of their own, I think it only justifiable that the beaver responsible for this damage be brought in to answer for his/her crimes.

Look...we can't have incompetent beavers building their damn dams just anywhere.  And, proper maintenance should be an obligation.  This might even be a hate crime, if it can be shown that the beaver held a deep rooted disdain for the hairless two-leggers.  Nail the bastard!!!

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