Friday, November 9, 2012

One-stop Shopping

PHILADELPHIA could be facing a class-action lawsuit on behalf of gun owners who say the city violated their privacy by publishing their personal information and launching an interactive Web map that included clickable icons of revolvers over their homes.
Attorney Joshua Prince filed a motion this week in Common Pleas Court, requesting that the suit be sealed to avoid revealing the names of his five clients - and potentially hundreds of others if the case is granted class-action status.
This was stupid, on the part of the City of Philadelphia.  Ultimately, no one is giving the true reasons for releasing the personal information and (more importantly) location of the gun owners.  Simply put, it was intimidation and vindictive politics of the Left. 

As a result of this behavior, gun owners all over the city are the equivalent to marked targets by those less than savory characters that would like to add an illegal gun to their personal collection.  In essence, the City of Philadelphia gave an interactive map to criminals so they would know where to go to steal a gun that they couldn't acquire legally.

I'm not a fan of a litigious society, but I hope this Class Action suit nails the City officials with a vengeance.

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