Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Isn't that Sweet

Viviette Applewhite, the 93-year-old lead plaintiff who sued to block Pennsylvania's voter ID law, was among the first in line to vote this morning when the polls opened.
"I'm so happy this is it. Maybe my phone be quiet tomorrow," she said, complaining about the flood of campaign calls.
When she obtained her non-driver license in August, Miss Applewhite, who uses an electric wheelchair, had to travel several miles via two buses to the nearest PennDot center.
But to cast her vote this morning, she only had to take the elevator nine floors down to the polling place in her Germantown senior apartment building.
She waited about 10 minutes in line, but voting took only a few seconds.
She voted Democrat, right down the line. "I don't care who the president is, as long as it's a Democrat," she said, although she was wearing an Obama charm bracelet.
Wonderful...the woman who the Left shoved on the "lead the charge float" to assure that anyone and everyone can vote (whether legal or not) voted first thing this morning.  Her premise for how she voted was "I don't care who the president is, as long as it's a Democrat."   And the thing is, she had no difficulty securing a Voter ID when push came to shove, despite the fact that the name on her birth certificate doesn't match her other documents, and she doesn't possess a social security number.

America rules!!!

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