Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Face of the Democrat Party

Winning well over 60% of the vote, Jesse Jackson Jr. waltzed to victory in the 2nd Congressional District of Illinois.  The fact that he received any votes at all reflects that substance doesn't matter...nor does reputation, performance, or honesty.  All that matters is a heavily democrat ridden District that is over 60% African-American demographics.  The main challenger was a white law professor with no criminal record, who had a habit of showing up for work.

The re-elected Congressman hasn't shown up for work since taking a medical leave five (5) months ago.  He claims to be suffering from bipolar disorder, but that hasn't stopped an occasional adult beverage at the Bier Baron Tavern.  That's curious since drinking alcohol doesn't mix with such an affliction.

He is currently he is under federal investigation for using campaign funds to redecorate his home.  Previously, he had been confirmed as "Senate Candidate #5" in jailbird Ron Blagojevich's "pay to play" scheme on replacing Barack Obama in the US Senate.  It had been confirmed that Jesse Jackson Jr. had been questioned for months over the criminal scandal by federal prosecutors.

We have seen party pundits, talk show hosts, and politicians excoriate us by stating that if President Obama was not re-elected, it was purely because we great unwashed were racist.  This mantra has been repeated ad nauseam by the Democrat party faithful.  Well then...what about the race for the 2nd District of Illinois?  Are the constituents racist...or just plain stupid?   I suppose those two descriptions are not mutually exclusive.

This is the face of the Democrat Party...both politician and voter alike.

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