Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Instead, he and his allies focused in large part on undermining Romney"

Gannett (USA Today) is one such ally, and continues in that role.

Gannett owned water carrier for President Obama, USA Today (the second highest circulated domestic news source) finally admits the truth.  They had no idea what his second term agenda was (or if they did, they hid it).  They admit that the whole campaign rallied around trying to destroy the challenger (Romney).  USA Today did their part in perpetrating exactly that.

In this year's campaign, Obama didn't do much to establish a policy mandate for his victory. Instead, he and his allies focused in large part on undermining Romney, depicting him as a heartless corporate raider with little empathy for the lives of most Americans.
It worked. In surveys of voters as they left polling places, one in five voters said the most important quality in determining their vote was that the candidate "care about people like me;" they broke by 4-1 for Obama. Three in 10 said the most important quality was having "a vision for the future;" a majority of those supported Romney.
"It is not as though the president announced an ambitious second-term agenda," says William Galston, a former White House domestic-policy adviser to President Clinton. "He may have one in mind, but he has not done much to share it with the American people."
Of course, USA Today fails again in this regard.  The title of this piece is, " 4 more years: What to expect of Obama's 2nd-term."  And then they tell us absolutely nothing in any detail, because no one in the press has been forward enough to simply ask, and keep asking until it was revealed.

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