Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sting (Gordon Sumner) is a Complete Hypocritical Moron

ROCK superstar Sting has forced organizers to move his planned one-night show in the Philippines to another Manila venue amid a spat over pine trees involving the original hosts, it was announced on Friday.
Pine trees?  Hmmmm...this looks interesting.  What could pine trees possibly have to do with the cancellation of a Sting (Gordon Sumner, since he hates being called that) concert?

 Environmentalists had sued the SM Baguio shopping mall in the northern mountain resort of Baguio City earlier this year to stop the uprooting and relocation of 182 old trees, mostly pines, growing at its property.
The case sparked calls for a boycott of the SM chain, controlled by the family of the country's richest man, billionaire developer Henry Sy.
Ummm...they're pine trees.  Pine trees are freaking everywhere.  And, for some stupid reason, the developer has even agreed to replant the damn things.  I mean...come on...they're pine trees.

Ok...try this.  Look at #8 on the list of "Most Outrageous  Rock Star Purchases." 
8. Sting -- Aside from being a professional douche bag, he once gave his family a Christmas to remember. Sting purchased a $11,900 living Christmas tree which he then had shipped into his 41-room English mansion, with a specialist florist brought in to hang the baubles. Now that's the spirit of Christmas!
That would be a transplant of a pine tree, moron.   And, I'm guessing that at least one tree bit the dust (permanently) when they built one of his seven homes.

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  1. His name says it all: STINK

    By the way this guy has a net worth of 300 million and is still a cheapskate, as far as his kids are concerned. He's already announced that they're not getting any money from him aside from bare necessities in his will and they'd better learn how to make their own way in this corrupt, STINKing world by doing what most successful people do in such a world: kiss the right asses. He should know. He's one of the ones that makes it stink worse, at least since the Police broke up.

    “Through the years, I have greatly feared and sought to keep at bay the four beasts that inevitably devour their keeper – Ego, Envy, Avarice, and Ambition. In 1984, I severed all connections with business for a life of isolation and anonymity, convinced I was making a great bargain by trading money for time, position for liberty, and ego for contentment – that the beasts were securely caged." -- Dee Hock

    ~ Negentropic