Monday, November 12, 2012

Blind Leading the Blind

What can Detroit teach Reading?
That's what Mayor Vaughn D. Spencer and three other city officials hope to discover next week, when they join 19 others on a three-day bus trip to the ailing Motor City that's trying to make a comeback.
"Detroit is going through something more painful than what Reading is going through," said Council President Francis G. Acosta, who will join Spencer, city Managing Director Carole B. Snyder and Community Development Director Lenin Agudo on the trip.
Acosta said Detroit has a plan similar to the recent market value analysis of the greater Reading area.
Here, it's expected to drive city housing and economic development efforts. Acosta and Spencer said they'll see first-hand how the plan works in Detroit.
They'll be meeting with neighborhood groups, foundations and the Detroit Economic Growth Corp.
What can Detroit teach Reading?  Graft, corruption, short-sightedness...any number of things, I suppose.  I find it disturbing that the #1 worst small city to live in would seek advice from the #1 worst large city to live in.  I'm not surprised...just disturbed.

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