Thursday, November 15, 2012

Laughable Nonsense from the White House

WASHINGTON  •  Responding warily to his administration’s sudden sex scandal, President Barack Obama said Wednesday that he has seen no evidence that national security was damaged by the revelations that ended his CIA director’s career and imperil that of his Afghan war commander.
But the president said he was reserving judgment about how the FBI has handled the investigation, which began in the summer but didn’t reach his desk until after last week’s election.
As they say down on the farm...WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP.  There is no way the President didn't know this was going on way back in the Summer...NO WAY. 

Of course, the President is reserving judgement until General Petraeus testifies before Congress.   If he spills the beans, he will be on every television channel and in every paper stating how dismayed he is that the General "damaged national security."  It will be his only defense since the complicit media will do all they can to make it the real story.

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