Sunday, November 18, 2012

Let's Play "Search for the Political Party"

A Philadelphia nonprofit with ties to State Rep. Dwight Evans mismanaged $1.5 million in state grants since 2006, raising questions about how the money was obtained and spent, according to a confidential state audit.
At Evans' direction, the Urban Affairs Coalition put a Philadelphia pastor and his aide on its payroll, the auditors found, then used taxpayer funds to pay them $365,000 for work that auditors said they could not verify.
The grants included $1 million that went to renovate a nursing home run by Leland Beloff, a former Philadelphia city councilman who was convicted in an extortion scheme in 1987 with mob boss Nicodemo Scarfo.
The home, Harlee Manor, should have been ineligible because it is a for-profit venture, auditors found. They also cited e-mails showing a top aide to U.S. Rep. Bob Brady, who was a Beloff friend, sought status reports on the grants.
 The report, obtained by The Inquirer, was commissioned by the state Office of Inspector General Kenya Mann Faulkner and completed in May by the KPMG accounting firm.
Damn...I don't see it anywhere.  Hold on, I'll keep looking.

 Evans, once Philadelphia's most powerful House Democrat, did not respond to requests left at his office and on his cellphone to discuss the audit or his role in the grants.
 Aha...there it is down in paragraph # 11.  This guy used to be in charge of the  House Appropriations Committee which oversaw budget requests and money grants.  He was the most influential Philadelphia politician in the State House, but the Philadelphia Inquirer doesn't think we need to know that in the by-line, or the first 11 paragraphs.  You know, someone might make the association between the Democrat party and graft should they do so.

Incidentally, Rep. Evans was noted as one of the top ten influential African-Americans in Philadelphia back in 2010.  Here's hoping he becomes one of the top 10 influential African-Americans at Graterford Prison real soon.

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