Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Like Opening a Pizza Box and Finding Only a Piece of Crust

You know what must suck?...Being the Socialist President of France, and finding out that there is no money to spend.
"Our national debt is more than 90 per cent of our national wealth; unemployment is rising; our competitiveness is constantly falling," he said. "A change of government changes those in power. It does not change the world.
"I understand the worries of the French people but the only thing that counts is not today's opinion polls but the state of France in five years. The decline of France is not inevitable."
President Hollande is trapped between the realities of France's perilous economic position and the expectations he raised during his campaign, when he spoke of "putting the magic back into the French dream".
But, all is not lost.  President Hollande has a pretty classy theme song.   It comes from the 1960 Otto Preminger classic, "Exodus."   You see, when you smack your most productive citizens (who happen to be wealthy) with a 75% tax rate, they go elsewhere.  They take their money with them.  And poor Francios Hollande never gets to spend it.

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