Thursday, November 15, 2012


The violence over fuel price hikes in Jordan has escalated, as growing anger threatens to plunge the kingdom into a wave of unrest.
One armed civilian was killed and several policemen injured, some critically, when gunmen stormed a police station in Irbid, in the country's far north, and fired on officers there on Wednesday night.
Another police station came under attack in the northern Amman suburb of Shafa Badran, where automatic weapons were used. One police officer was reportedly critically injured. A police official said the attackers took advantage of the protests to pursue a violent agenda.
In Salt, northwest of capital Amman, protesters set fire to a civil affairs office.
Things we've learned:

Muslims are unciviled cretins despite the catalyst.  Our fuel prices in the US have increased by more than 100% in the last few years, but I fail to see rioting and shooting relative to that premise.  Therefore, Occams Razor would suggest that Muslim populations just aren't civilized.  Do you think that's insensitive?   Xenophobic?  Am I a bigot for making such a statement?  OK...prove I'm not.  Explain to me how raising fuel prices warrants wanton violence and destruction if we in the US have had our fuel prices raised even higher.'s the only answer.

These Jordanians were in the street causing injury and damage within minutes of the announcement by their government.

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