Wednesday, November 14, 2012

If the Republican Party had an Imagination

With the Environmental Protection Agency set to finalize rules for mercury and other toxic air pollution from power plants on Dec. 16 and to begin regulating cross-state air pollution from coal-fired plants on Jan. 1, here is a breakdown of the numbers:
The Republican Party has no imagination or they would see this as an opportunity to educate the masses of bystanders who don't believe this has anything to do with them.

Every Republican Senator, and every Republican Representative of the House  should show up at an advertised press conference outside the Environmental Protection Agency HQ.  Behind them should be a print-out of every single regulation and policy put into place since 2008.  It would be a HUGE honking pile of papers and scripts.

Then...and most importantly...have your spokesperson outline the increased costs to the common man.  Increased electricity costs, increased gasoline costs, increased material goods costs, increased food costs...number of lost jobs etc.  Rinse, lather, repeat...

But, no.  They do nothing.

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