Friday, September 21, 2012

The UK Guardian...and the Mohammad Toons

The Guardian (UK) has a poll up that reads thusly:

Are Charlie Hebdo's cartoons of the prophet Muhammad a necessary stand for free speech or a pointless provocation?
Free Speech

I find it downright amusing that The Guardian is asking this question.  It's amusing (and disgusting) in the fact that they refuse to print these cartoons, but are asking their readers to form an opinion as to whether they are free speech or provocation.

Quite simply, if they were really interested (or even a relevant media outlet) they would present the item to which the poll applies so that the reading public could provide an informed opinion.  Ah, but they don't want to offend the delicate sensibilities of a religious faith.

Incidentally, it is indeed free speech.   There is no need for a poll.  And, here's a little article on the issue, and the managing editor of the magazine in question.  The editor, who calls himself,  Charb says all the right things, as far as I'm concerned.  While he does that, Muslims across France (and the globe) prove once again that Islam is the religion of victimization.  They are either creating victims or becoming one themselves.

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