Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Do-gooder Performers Never Touch the Third Rail

Madonna is being sued by the Trade Union of Russian Citizens for a couple things.  One of them is that, during a concert in Russia, she trampled an Orthodox cross under her feet.  Arguably, the basis of the act was in reference to the Russian Orthodox Church taking such a leading role in the re-election of  President Vladimir Putin.  High representatives of the Church went as far as saying that Putin's rule was the "will of God." 

This, of course, led to some hack punk band called Pussy Riot giving an impromptu concert at Moscow's main cathedral, which led to a prison sentence for the band's members. 

I suppose Madonna was protesting that occurrence.
The claim was made by the Trade Union of Russian Citizens and several other public organizations. It seeks damages of 333 million rubles ($11 million) from Madonna and the organizers of the concert for allegedly inciting religious hatred and offending cultural traditions.
The applications were submitted to investigators along with a video, which according to the Trade Union shows Madonna trampling an Orthodox cross under her feet and asking audience members wearing pink bracelets to raise their hands in order to show their support for gay rights in Russia.
My only question is:

When is Madonna going to get on stage in support of women's rights, homosexual rights, and poverty in Muslim nations?  When is she going to get on stage and trample a Koran?  When is she, or any other self-important, "altruistic" do-gooder going to address the absolute medival actions of Islam?

They play it safe by attacking the Russian Orthodox Church, Christianity, and the like.  But, they never touch the third rail.  Why?

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