Friday, September 21, 2012

Justice... Democrat Politician Style

California Democratic congresswoman Maxine Waters will not be charged with ethics violations.
At a meeting Friday, House Ethics Committee members said they found no violations in their investigation of allegations she steered a $12 million federal bailout to a bank where her husband owns stock. Waters is a senior Democrat on the Financial Services Committee.
The committee, however, said Waters' chief of staff, Mikael Moore, did take actions in Congress in an attempt to help the bank and violated standards of conduct. Moore likely will receive a letter admonishing him for his conduct. but will not face more severe punishment, such as a reprimand, by the full House.
Shocking!!!  No...not really.  There are different laws, these days, for politicians.  Additionally, there are even more different laws these days for black politicians.  Just ask Charley "free as a bird despite breaking the law" Rangel. 

Maxine Waters' chief of staff is going to get a nasty letter.  Gosh...that's going to leave a mark. 

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