Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Free Haircuts in Kuwait

Gosh...I wonder what it's like in Kuwait?

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 22: Officers from the Jahra Security Directorate arrested 23 youths for harassing girls and families in a commercial complex in the area.
The officers detained the teenagers at Jahra Police Station until their parents came and signed pledges to ensure that their children will no longer repeat the act.
 Eve-teasers go bald: The Hawalli police have arrested 18 youths (Kuwaitis and citizens of various GCC states) for harassing passers by and visitors to commercial complexes, reports Al-Anba daily.
According to reports as a form of punishment police have shaved their heads and summoned their parents to sign pledges of good conduct
Eve-teasers held: A team from the Hawally Security Directorate recently carried out a surprise inspection campaign in the area, resulting in the arrest of 15 youths who were harassing female students near a school.
Sources revealed the youths were referred to the concerned security department where they were asked to sign a pledge of good conduct. It has also been reported that the security officers cut the hair of the youths as punishment.
 KUWAIT CITY, Aug 14: Security operatives attached to the Jahra Security Command arrested five minors for loitering and harassing families inside shopping malls within the area.
The operation followed several complaints from individuals who reported misdeeds and unruly behavior by teenagers who harassed people inside the shopping malls. Those arrested were referred to concerned authorities to sign undertakings of good conduct, after which their heads were shaved to deter them from repeating the act
 KUWAIT CITY, Dec 10: Hawalli securitymen arrested nine men for harassing girls in commercial complexes in Salmiya area. The men were referred to Salmiya Police Station where their heads were shaved and they were made to write a good conduct pledge.
 KUWAIT CITY, June 21: Jahra securitymen have arrested three youths for harassing students of school for girls in the governorate.
While patrolling near the premises of the school, the securitymen noticed three young men lying in wait for girls on their way out of the school to harass them. The youths were arrested and referred to the concerned security department for the necessary legal action.
 What have we learned?  Well...two things:
1.  If you are in need of a haircut, merely harrass a female, and you'll get one for free.
2.  Harrassment of women in Kuwait is so bad, that they actually created a separate terminolgy for the act (eve-teasing).  Of course, this particular act is something learned at home...and in the culture in general.

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