Saturday, September 22, 2012

Osama bin Laden: still dead........ General Motors: committing suicide

Here's a math problem for you:

Overall cost to manufacture a Chevy Volt:    $70,000

Retail Price on a Chevy Volt---------------:     $40,000

Current cost with new discount------------:     $30,000

AMOUNT LOSS ON EACH CAR-------:     $40,000

Number of Chevy Volts sold in August '12:    2,800

Loss to General Motors based on the above:  $112,000,000

The math question is as follows:

What kind of troglodytical moron runs a company in which the sale of each product results in a loss of more than half of the total manufacturing cost and considers a loss of $112,000,000 in one month a good sign? 

General Motors still owes the US Taxpayer $42 Billion.    Kiss it goodbye.  It's never going to be repaid if this is how they continue to do business. 

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