Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Non-Muslim Riot

Up to 600 riot police were deployed.
A party invitation which went viral on Facebook ended in rioting and injury after thousands of revellers descended on a small town in the Netherlands.
Haren had been braced for trouble all week after what should have been an invite to a small-scale celebration was passed on to 30,000 people.
The girl whose 16th birthday was being celebrated had not set her Facebook event to "private."
Riot police broke up crowds of revellers who flocked to the town.
The girl who issued the invitation fled her home in Haren, a town of just under 19,000 near the city of Groningen, on Friday.
I think this is interesting news.  It's about a riot that didn't involve Muslim Rage, and therefore, unique.   Also, there were no cartoons or YouTube videos involved....or deaths.

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