Sunday, November 25, 2012

Twisting the Narrative

 The Philadelphia Inquirer provides this offering suggesting that the Republican Party is arguing internally over whether to raise taxes.  They make a point to confirm that over the last generation, it has been the Republicans who have taken a solid position against tax hikes.
For a generation, it has been Republican orthodoxy: No tax hikes. Period.
And, if they knew what was good for them, GOP candidates for Congress, governor, or president, would as a matter of course publicly sign conservative lobbyist Grover Norquist's pledge to eschew any tax increase, even by closing loopholes or tweaking the code.
Norquist, the enforcer of the true faith, stores the signed pledges in a vault in the Washington offices of his advocacy group, Americans for Tax Reform, and he has often threatened primary challenges for those who break their word.
The spell has worked for a long time. But now, Norquist's hold on the party may be loosening.
It's a shame that the Philadelphia was so dishonest during the past general election.  They, not only, said that Obama wouldn't raise taxes...but stated that Romney would.  And now, they are trying to fan the flames of a disagreement within the Republican party which may, or may not even exist. 

I mean, how can you trust a newspaper that misleads so purposefully?

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