Friday, November 30, 2012

Pussification of Humanity (Puppy Therapy)

Dalhousie University in Hailfax, Canada has introduced a "puppy room" for students during finals week. The kids can take a break from doing lines of addy and cramming for tests to play with puppies from Therapeutic Paws Of Canada, a group that brings cats and dogs to senior homes and schools.
Right...because once you get out of your little enclosed caring college, all you have to deal with is life.  Therefore, it is imperative that no one be over burdened by stress while taking finals.  That never happens in the real world.  There's no need to teach anyone how to deal with that nasty customer.

This is nothing more than (cover your eyes offended ones)  the "pussification" of humanity.  Whether it be the cancellation of little league all star games to protect the little darlings self-esteem or special rules put in place in football games to disallow a star from scoring too much; this wimpifying nonsense is everywhere.

I keep reading about bullying, and how it is a major problem in schools worldwide.  Well, fellow scientists, when you do everything you can to keep the little ones from developing defensive skills and thicker skin, you are teaching them how to be victims.  Creating a "puppy room" to deal with the stress of taking tests is just a symptom of that malarkey.

Another symptom is thousands of youths lacking self-esteem and proper motivation to succeed.  Quite simply, they peceive themselves to lack the tools to acquire financial stability and rewarding life experiences.  They end up standing on a street corner holding a sign and shouting at the top of their precious lungs at how the wealthy aren't paying their fair share.  They spend more time researching how they can secure entitlements at no cost than determining how they can earn those rewards themselves.  Immediate gratification rules the roost.  To these self-esteem damaged darlings, they think life should be like Netflix, but someone else should pay.

I know.  I got winded because some dinky college in Canada has a room filled with puppies to combat stress.  Not a big deal...right?   Well, no, unless you take the time to connect the dots to all the other "pussification" crap going on out there.

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