Saturday, December 1, 2012

Walk Away

WASHINGTON - President Obama didn't name names Friday in Hatfield, but some of his allies are doing just that.
They are singling out Republican congressmen from suburbs around Philadelphia, with ads and rallies pushing them to break ranks and get behind Obama's call to extend middle-class tax cuts while making the wealthy pay more.
Close on the heels of the president's visit, liberal and labor groups have planned demonstrations Saturday targeting U.S. Reps. Jim Gerlach of County, Pat Meehan of Delaware County, and Charlie Dent in Lehigh County. Others are pressuring Mike Fitzpatrick of Bucks, and a trio of major unions named him and Meehan in a radio ad.
Similarly targeted efforts on behalf of Obama's tax proposals are cropping up in other states.
This is just a microcosm.  This strategy is taking place in every state harboring a Republican House member.  The strategy for the Republicans should be simple.  Walk away.

I wouldn't even be adverse to every Republican (House and Senate) abstaining on each vote relative to taxes and the economy.  It is the quickest and most direct route towards removing the current Socialist natures out of Congress as well as the Presdidency.  It is non-partisan.

Face facts...the number of people dependent on government to give them things is high enough to become the single most important factor in elections.  The mentality today highlights immediate self-gratification.  The only way to overcome this current state of affairs is to remove the potential for the Federal Government to satisfy them.  Given the plan of providing an infinite debt ceiling and taxing the most productive among us out of existence (or to a different domicile in a different country), it will not be long before the Federal Government no longer has the means to issue "gifts."  The only counter for the Liberals out there would be to act in a way that would improve the economy.  Win/win.

That's right...I'm saying that America has to bite the big one before it can escape the ashes of Liberalism.  We are now in the position that suggests that our national bird should not be the Bald Eagle.  It should be the Phoenix.    It's all over but the second Revolution.  And when the figurative smoke clears, one political party needs to be in the position to state that they had nothing to do with it.

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