Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's the UN Climate Change Conference (What does Integrity Mean?)

DOHA, Qatar - The United Nations is warning that a thawing in the permafrost that covers almost a quarter of the northern hemisphere could "significantly amplify global warming."
The warning came in a U.N. report released as climate talks intensified on Tuesday in Qatar.
The report says the dangers of carbon dioxide and methane emissions from warming permafrost are becoming an emerging issue among climate scientists. These dangers have so far not been factored in projections about future temperature rises.
Gosh...I wish I had a nickel for each time the talks at the UN "intensified."  So, climate change is now going to warm the permafrost and cause methane and carbon dioxide to be released. 

I'm guessing that the basis for this announcement is based on a paper by Natalia Shakhova and Igor Semiletov back in 2010.  I'm guessing, because the article never points out the basis for the UN's conjecture...which seems to be the trend these days.  Governing by press release.  Anyway, here's the rub:
The reply from Semiletov and Shakhova is enlightening and is the QOTW:
We would first note that we have never stated that the reason for the currently observed methane emissions were due to recent climate change.
In fact, we explained in detail the mechanism of subsea permafrost destabilization as a result of inundation with seawater thousands of years ago.
Yeah...whoops.... the basis for this methane release goes back thousands of years.  But, don't drive a Hummer...especially if you have a time machine.

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