Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jindal's Turn to get Attacked on Creationism

A couple of weeks ago, the Democrat Machine attacked Marco Rubio over misinterpreted Creationism comments.   Obviously, it was an effort to damage any future White House endeavors on his behalf.   His comments were simply an effort to combine science and religion, and I thought he did a rather good job of it.  He was vague, non-committal and highly aloof.

Now, it's Bobby Jindal's turn, because he has been mentioned in the same sentence as the term "White House" as well:

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal is rapidly emerging as a new "moderate" Republican voice, but a court case beginning Wednesday is set to shine light on a controversial policy in his state which sees government funding given to schools that teach creationism.
The case has been brought by a Louisiana teachers union and is aimed at a voucher scheme whereby some parents can take their children out of poor state schools and get vouchers to use at private schools.
One of the most controversial aspects of the programme is that some of the schools included on it are conservative Christian organisations that teach creationism in their science classes. When parents use the vouchers at such establishments they are effectively giving state money to teach children lessons that can include alternatives to the theory of evolution or questioning the widely accepted age of the Earth.
In this case, the arm of the DNC extends to the Louisiana teachers Union.  This is how the DNC behaves.  It will never be a campaign of issues.  It will always be an effort to tear down the reputation of the opponent.

And, before you label me as a member of the Conservative God Squad (NTTAWWT), I should point out that I'm agnostic for the most part.  I believe in a Greater Being.  I just don't know what kind of silly hat he wears.

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