Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Public School Forgot to Teach This

Do these names look familiar?

Hiram Rhodes Revels
Jefferson Franklin Long
Joseph Hayne Rainey
Robert Carlos De Large
Robert Brown Elliott
Benjamin Sterling Turner
Josiah Thomas Walls
Richard Harvey Cain
John Roy Lynch
Alonzo Jacob Ransier
James Thomas Rapier
Jeremiah Haralson
John Adams Hyman  
Charles Edmund Nash
Robert Smalls
Blanche Kelso Bruce
James Edward O’Hara
Henry Plummer Cheatham
John Mercer Langston
Thomas Ezekiel Miller
George Washington Murray
George Henry White
Oscar Stanton De Priest 1929 1931
These gentlemen are the first African-Americans to serve in Congressional office (be it House or Senate).  Every single one of them was a Republican...EVERY SINGLE ONE.  The last in the list was the only individual elected to what the politically correct Left likes to call the "Modern Era."   De Priest was elected in 1929 to the 71st Congress. 
Then *BANG*...all of a sudden African-Americans elected to congress were Democrats.  What happened in that point of history that can account for such a switch in loyalties?  What changed the black vote (almost overnight) from Republican to Democrat?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt happened.  It was the point in US history where the Democratic party became the Party of "Giving Stuff Away."   The first twenty-three (23) black congressmen elected to office were all Republicans.  The Federal Government passed the New Deal, and all of a sudden loyalties changed.  FDR offered economic relief by opening up the coffers of the federal government.   At the same time, millions of blacks left the south for the north and points west.   But, the primary reason for the about-face was the fact that the Democratic Party was willing to introduce a meme of giving away gifts and creating dependents so that a captive electorate could be established.  That was the most basic purpose of the New Deal...political long-term dominance.
And it still works today...to the tune of about 95% voting loyalties among blacks to the Democratic party.  It's well over a half century later, and (as PJ O'Rourke might say) the party of Santa Clause is still active, but never really existed.

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