Friday, October 19, 2012

You're Doing it Wrong

The brave young conservatives who are stumping the people of Brooklyn
A Young Republican's Club in New York City.  Sounds fine.  After all, New York City is a festering hole rife with over-high taxes, stifling fees, nanny type laws, and overbearing do-gooders.  They really ought to be starting to thrive in that type of environment.  There's just so much to use in recruitment...
 Some 30 members strong, the club has deep roots: It was founded in 1880 and was a force to be reckoned with in the years that followed. Presidents McKinley, Hoover and Taft all addressed the club, says Nocera, sitting at his kitchen table in front of a glass case holding various artifacts — a newspaper clip from 1884, an autograph from Seth Low, the club’s first president, who later became mayor of the city.
Thirty (30) total members in a city of over 8 Million.   There are over 2.5 Million in Brooklyn alone.  Guys, I could recruit more than thirty (30) members in an afternoon.  This tells me that you're not serious about expanding your numbers and asserting influence.  You are only interested in the exclusivity  afforded such a posting.  What's the deal?   Do you get a discount at JR Electronics or something?

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