Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Benghazi Isn't Going Away, Despite the Efforts

I like Ace's take on Hillary Clinton's statement:

Last night from the relative safety of Lima, Peru Hillary Clinton announced that when it comes to the Benghazi disaster the buck stops with her (sort of).
Many have taken this as a sign Hilary is taking the fall for Obama and letting him off the hook. I have a a different theory....David Axlerod tried to throw her under the bus and she tossed it right back on him and Obama.
What Hillary has done is basically say, "the damn phone is ringing and President Creased Trousers isn't answering it so give it to me. She comes off as the grown up who said, look I'm in charge here and for good or ill that makes me responsible".
People tend to admire others who stand up and take the hits. Hillary looks like A-the loyal soldier and B-the only one who is going to stand up and say, "something awful happened on my watch and I'm going to look in the mirror to see who is in charge and not like some other people I could name, look around for scapegoats".
Hillary isn't taking the blame, she's taking the credit.
Read the whole thing.  It's insightful.   I would emphasize (as Ace did)  that no matter the issue, or the venue, President Obama has never even considered taking blame for any negativities within his presidency.  Benghazi...it's the State Department's fault.  Economy...it's Bush's fault...and so on...rinse, lather, repeat.  In Clinton's efforts, we see an extreme dichotomy of leadership styles that leave Obama wanting. 

There are so many levels of politics at play here it's hard to keep them all straight.  Ace is right.  Clinton (whether purposefully or not) really tee'd up the ball for Romney here.  Properly approached, he can make the President of the United States look like a scapegoat seeking weenie on just about every failure he's had while in office.  There is no shortage of failures.  This latest provides wonderful emphasis.

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