Wednesday, October 17, 2012

About that Debate Last Night...It was Last Night, Right?

I didn't watch it, and I suspect I wasn't alone in that regard.

Face it.  If you are still undecided in this race highlighting two very different points of view, you are either detatched beyond even Rain Man mentality, or you are so self-absorbed that you are basing your vote on a single solitary issue that reflects you, and only you. 

I don't have much sympathy for the Moderates of life.  It is just another form of indecision.  Your spine must ache from all the bending over backwards required to appease.  The problem is that there are never any hard line, value held principals in the mix.  There is less evaluation of substance and more focus on appearance.  Behold, the Reality TV generation.

I watched the first debate even though I already knew who had my vote. It was more of a "rubbernecking an accident" sort of view.  I wasn't disappointed, because I enjoyed watching Obama being handed his Michelle approved lunch.  The first debate confirmed, for me, the absolute differences in candidates, and satisfied my position.

Last night you probably saw myriad (allegedly uncommitted voters) push forward their pet issues in questions about amnesty for illegals and the like.  Perhaps specific industries were mentioned.  Individuals asked about their personal job prospets.  Am I right?

  These one dimensional voters annoy me.  Yet, our Constitution allows their participation in the process.  Fine.  But, why in the name of all that is Holy do we give them a showcase in which to highlight their ignorance?

Who won last night's debate.   Beats I said, I didn't watch it.  I watched a South Park DVD, and those characters were a hell of a lot more three dimensional and insightful.

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