Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Divorce Lawyers to Decend on Kennebunk

I posted something a few days ago about a small town in Maine in which a sexy Zumba teacher was allegedly sampling the local cuisine in a non-dance/yoga kind of way and making some serious spending money in the process.

That's the tactful way of saying she was selling sex to the local gentry via a dance studio.

What I found amusing was that the Judge was threatening to release the names of the participants.  You could feel the tension imagining local gossip mongers camping out at the town diner discussing who they thought would be on the list.  Then, there was the potential for the ripple effect as the names became public and long time marriages would be in the balance.  Well, the Judge finally went and did it.
KENNEBUNK — Police have issued a third release of the list of 21 alleged clients of Alexis Wright, this time including ages and addresses after a judge's order.
The release came Tuesday evening after Superior Court Justice Thomas Warren reversed his decision to keep the addresses of those summonsed by police confidential.
On Monday, Warren ordered that while the names of individuals facing a charge of engaging in prostitution is public information, those individuals could also be victims of the crime of invasion of privacy and therefore he felt their addresses should be withheld.

You can go to the article and read the names/ages of the men if you want to.  I'm not too excited about it.  In this facit of ideology, I'm pretty much a Libertarian.  If she wants to sell it, and they want to buy it, that's their business.  Plus, Alexis Wright is kinda HOT.

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