Thursday, October 18, 2012

We Need Employees with Hooters

Throughout the print media there is an article in just about every entity today just like this one.  It is usually written by a woman columnist.  It is high-blown nonsense about nothing important.  Yet, it's infallibly there.  The simple fact of the matter is that Mitt Romney went out of his way to have females represented on his Massachusetts staff.  He referred to the folder holding the particulars of these potential employees of the time as binders.  This, for some reason, is a bad thing.
As a business reporter and columnist, I was shocked - shocked - to hear during the presidential debate that former Massachusetts governor and private-equity bigwig Mitt Romney had to solicit "binders full of women" job candidates just so his state cabinet would not resemble an episode of the misogynistic TV series Mad Men.
Women's groups, Romney said, provided him with said "binders" after he initially was given a list of applicants consisting only of go-to guys. A manhunt, in other words, had to be launched to find a go-to gal for a big old job reporting to the big old guv.
His "binders" comment caused a social-media fury that continued to build momentum Wednesday. Yet none of this should be surprising.

My only complaint about the whole non-issue...and it is a non-issue propagated by a the other side due to a severe lack of that Romney didn't focus only on qualified applicants regardless of sex.  If the best folks for the job were all male, so be it.  If they were all female...fantastic.  However, when a Governor hires purely on whether the applicant has breasts or not, he's discriminating.  Liberals will never grasp this concept.  They are all about appearances, and little about performance. 

Try and tell me this wasn't a concerted effort by the Obama campaign to push their idiotic war on women meme...


USA Today:

This is embarrassing...even for the White House and the guy that sits in the Oval Office.

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