Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shying Away From the Obvious

Last month, six teenage girls beat the ever living hell out of a mentally challenged 48 year old woman in Chester, Pa.  They video taped the whole deal, and posted it on facebook.
"They hit me on the side of my face, and it went right through me," Shearer, 48, said of the defendants, ages 15 to 19. "They were just punching everywhere, on my face and my nose, everywhere."
 District Judge Wilden Davis lowered bail at the hearing yesterday to 10% of $25,000.  Or, for you math wizards out there, bail for beating up a mentally challenged woman in Chester Country is only $2,500.  But, that's not what has me shaking my head.  It's this comment from the Judge.
 "I don't know what you ladies were thinking," he said, before ordering psychological evaluations on all of them.
Let me help you with that heavy lifting, your "Honor."
 Kuryan testified to what he saw on the video: six girls who talked about getting "the white woman" who was just "sitting there, minding her own business." He said the punching began on Shearer's front steps, but the attackers followed the victim into her apartment as she tried to get away.
"She's being pummeled all the way into the house," he said. "It's like she's trying to get away but she can't - there's too many. They literally pull each other off of the pile to get into the pile."
Racism, your "Honor."  Six black teenage girls on video say... let's get the white woman.  It's all the rage these days.  Don't worry...if you actually acknowledge the obvious, you won't get struck by lightning or anything.   And, we can even get more stereotypical.

"They're scared straight because of this incident," said Joseph Mirarchi, the attorney for sisters Bell and Davis. "But their mother will deal with them in a lot harsher way than the prison can deal with them."
That's right.  The same mothers who allow their daughters to bounce around with their friends in a little gang beating up white, mentally retarded women will be a lot harsher than prison.   Lock them up for a long time, please.

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