Thursday, October 25, 2012

This is getting silly (PA Voter ID)

HARRISBURG - Lawyers led by the American Civil Liberties Union asked a state judge Wednesday to speed up a case asking him to order Gov. Corbett's administration to do a better job ensuring that voters know they do not have to show photo identification on Election Day.
Commonwealth Court Judge Robert E. Simpson Jr. on Wednesday gave the Corbett administration seven days to respond to the ACLU's request, but Simpson had already let five days go by before asking the government to respond.
Witold J. Walczak, the ACLU's legal director in Pennsylvania, said the schedule Simpson laid out was "effectively a denial of the petition" because it would not allow his side enough time before the Nov. 6 election to appeal to the state Supreme Court.
"The writing's on the wall," Walczak said
This is insane.  The ACLU and various advocates challenged the Voter ID law in Pennsylvania.  As a result, proper indentification will not be required in Pennsylvania this general election.  But, that's not good enough for the ACLU. 

They filed another law suit requiring the State to, more aggressively, inform the public that identification would not be necessary to vote.  Why?  What reason could possibly be motivating the ACLU to push the State into vigorously informing the public that identification isn't necessary to vote?   If you show up this election, you can vote (provided you're registered).  Who is being disenfranchised?  No one. 

But, if you are an illegal immigrant, who cannot acquire legal identification, and might not keep up with the daily and nightly news casts (that occur in English).  You might not know.  Those folks and Helen Keller are probably still unclear.

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