Saturday, October 27, 2012

NYT's Takes Baby Steps Towards Understanding Communism

BEIJING — The mother of China’s prime minister was a schoolteacher in northern China. His father was ordered to tend pigs in one of Mao’s political campaigns. And during childhood, “my family was extremely poor,” the prime minister, Wen Jiabao, said in a speech last year.
But now 90, the prime minister’s mother, Yang Zhiyun, not only left poverty behind, she became outright rich, at least on paper, according to corporate and regulatory records. Just one investment in her name, in a large Chinese financial services company, had a value of $120 million five years ago, the records show.
Heh...the New York Times seems surprised that a Communist leader is taking advantage of his position and enriching those around him at a cost to the country's constituents. 

Pssst....NYT's...that's what they do. 

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