Sunday, October 21, 2012

Joe Biden Unleashed...

Joe's hometown newspaper decided to do a little expose on his style today.  That tells me they don't expect him to be around much longer. 

Within the Obama campaign, there is a cautious fear that Biden will go too far. Transcripts of his remarks are not regularly distributed, unlike President Obama’s and the first lady’s. And the vice president’s aides have sometimes tried to steer him away from unscripted encounters with reporters.
But Biden also fills a strategic role for the campaign. With evidence that his middle-class Joe ethos has made him a beloved figure among rank-and-file Democrats, the campaign has regularly dispatched him to working-class communities, union-heavy events and those aimed at Latino voters.
You'll notice that one of the Clinton minions got in a good shot.

 William A. Galston, an aide to President Bill Clinton who is now a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, said he’s “never seen a less presidential demeanor from a national candidate.” Biden has twice run for president and has not ruled out a third attempt in 2016.
And, what do the regular "joes" on the street think?
Polls show both sides of the coin. More than three in four Democrats view Biden favorably, but among all registered voters, the vice president is much less popular than he was as a running mate in 2008. In a Pew Research Center for the People and the Press survey early this month, Biden was viewed favorably by 39 percent of voters and unfavorably by 51 percent. In fall 2008, more than half of voters had favorable views of him.
 A survey by the Washington Post and Pew Research Center at the end of the summer found disparate views of the vice president. Single-word descriptions of him included “good,” “honest,” “clown,” “buffoon” and “idiot.”
Heh... my opinion has always been that Obama chose Joe Biden for Vice President because he could be dismissed...and wouldn't get in the way of the planned radical Left agenda.  Biden's a ham...a showman who loves the stage more than the play.  I haven't wilted in that opinion.  But, think about what happens to Joe Biden when the final act is over.  He goes home to Delaware and...and...?

Well, I'll bet the house he gets a book deal and Joe's been known to go that step too far.  How do you suppose they will control him then?

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