Thursday, October 25, 2012

Obama Picks Another Loser...(foreign policy)

Hey...let's spread Democracy to Burma (Myanmar) and see how that works out:

(Reuters) - President Barack Obama on Wednesday eased sanctions against Myanmar to allow U.S. companies to invest there, calling it a "strong signal" of support for political reform taking root in the southeast Asian country. (July 2012)
Nice...things are going along swimingly.  This foreign policy schtick is easy.
A new wave of sectarian unrest in western Myanmar has left at least 20 dead, officials say, sparking an exodus of "thousands" of people and prompting the UN to express its grave concern.
Hundreds of homes were burnt on Thursday in the fresh outburst of unrest in Rakhine state, which was convulsed by Buddhist-Muslim clashes in June that tore apart communities and left tens of thousands of mainly Muslim Rohingya languishing in basic camps.
More than 100 people have now been killed in the state, according to the authorities, which have imposed emergency rule in the face of continued explosive tension in the region.
Rakhine state spokesman Myo Thant told the AFP news agency that the latest violence had left "at least 20 people" dead so far, from both the ethnic Rakhine Buddhist and Muslim communities, clashes since October 21.
Oh well...HEY LOOK, SQUIRREL!!!!!

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