Friday, September 14, 2012

So, Tunisia, What Can We Do for You?

Today, hundreds Muslims decided to attack the US Embassy there and set it on fire.  They, also, set fire and destroyed an American school located right next door.  While the US media attributes this behavior to some unknown (and unseen) film.  The real cause is ignorance, stupidity, and the teachings of Islam.

The protesters smashed windows, hurled petrol bombs and stones at police from inside the embassy, or started fires in the embassy and the compound. A black plume of smoke rose from the facility.
One protester was seen throwing a computer out of a window, while others walked away with telephones and computers.'s how we respond:

1.  Please return the $300 Million in financial and technical assistance you have received since January 2011.

2.  Please return the $100 Million that we provided to you so that you could pay the World Bank and African Development Bank longstanding debts.

3.  We will no longer guarantee bonds that the Tunisian government will issue to raise funds to support its stabilization and economic reform plans.  This is a $30 Million value.

4.  We are immediately discontinuing the Information Communications Technology (ICT) Sector Development Project sponsored by the US taxpayer at an unspecified cost.

5.  We will no longer provide assistance to more than 4,500 Tunisian youth in market-relevant skills training, job placement, and access to start-up business resources.  Again, this program is at an unspecified US taxpayer cost.

6.  At this time please consider the Women’s Entrepreneurship Program discontinued.

7.  Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) Franchise Facility is now considered discontinued.  Please return the $50 Million investment in the program and the facilities.  Penalties and interest to be applied quarterly until paid in full.

8.  Please return the Tunisian-American Enterprise Fund investment.  This totals $20 Million.

9.  Please return the $20 Million designated for the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Threshold Program.

10.  The United States will no longer accept Tunisian university students from throughout the MENA region to a summer entrepreneurship program at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business in 2012.

11.  Miscellaneous medical, financial, humanitarian, and economic aid(s) will no longer be provided effective immediately. 

I'm tired of this shit.  If a country possesses masses who want nothing to do with the West.  Then let's give them their wish.  Stop supporting these cretins with US taxpayer money.  They don't like us.  They are filled with envy.  The message is clear.  Our answer should be easy.  OK...good bye.  Enjoy.  And when you're starving, covered with sores,  and have no prospects remember how much fun you had destroying the property of the only country that went out of its way to try and help.

PS:  I find it interesting that when George Lucas wanted to film a portion of a movie to show the most inhospitable planet in the Star Wars galaxy, he chose Tunisia.

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