Sunday, September 9, 2012

GOP Needs a Better Candidate Recruitment Process

More and more, it seems that the GOP is dropping the ball on candidate recruitment.  As the election scene clarifies, the opportunity to identify and evaluate candidates is upon us.  I just happened to be floating around reading various media outlet reports for their local areas, and I stumbled onto Honolulu...the Hawaii 2nd District US House race.  The Republican candidate is Kawika Crowley. 

HONOLULU (AP) - A homeless handyman who won the Republican primary in Hawaii for an open U.S. House seat says he'll donate half his congressional salary to charity if he wins.
Kawika Crowley isn't expected to come close to beating Democrat Tulsi Gabbard in the general election Nov. 6. The 61-year-old self-employed repairman and painter has no real campaign budget, makes $15,000 in a good year and lives out of his van in Kaneohe.
So, the best the GOP could do is a 61 year old homeless handyman, living in a van, whose  bullet point campaign promise is to donate half of his salary to charity should he win.   Don't get me wrong, this guy seems good hearted, and would do a lot less damage to the country that nearly all the other candidates out there, but a homeless guy with no position on anything, that lives in a van...really?

Well, yeah...really.  But, here is the sad part of the story.  This guy scares me less than most of the other candidates, because he's not on the political correct train to hell.  He says what's on his mind.  Here are his own words:

A Fat-Ass government drunk with power is where we are at, with one regulation after another affecting every aspect of our lives. And now, for the first time in our 240 year history as a nation, government has mandated that every citizen be FORCED to purchase a product or face a penalty!!! If I am elected, you can count on me to do every thing possible to repeal Obama-Care. 
Holy crap!  This guy is growing on me.  What else?

  I want to do my part in helping to clean out the stench of Big Government. Back to bans... government, both locally and nationally is suffering from an acute case of Banarosis. This binge on banning this and banning that must come to an end. btw, last nite as I was driving back home in my van, I was accosted by a band of flying plastic bags, as they brutally hijacked my van. But in the process of the hijacking on H-1, somehow I was able to get a call off to 911...the ensuing gun fight left all the Longs plastic bags riddled with holes. The cops were awesome! Five plastics died on the scene, and the remaining two were arrested and lead away in handcuffs! Whew! I'm so very glad that our smart politicians are finally waking up and banning these menacing killer bastards! WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT OUR BREASTFEEDING NANNY STATE POLITICIANS!!!!
Fantastic!  Put this guy in a room with Nanny Bloomberg, and all that will be left of the soda confiscator will be a stain on the wall.  More....more!!!!

Let there be no doubt, I am a firm believer in Capitalism. As Sir Winston Churchill stated, "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, it's inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery". Socialism is nothing more than a mild version of Communism, of which its founding father was Carl Marx (Marxism). Communism is the change of government via violence and revolution, i.e. Lenin of Russia. Socialism is the overthrow of a governmental system via a long and patient political process, i.e. the now 80 long years agenda of the Liberal Left. The fine and dandy and sweet ACLU has been a part of this movement since the early 1920's with it's founding members who were official members of the Communist Party USA. They went on to become founding members of the NEA...what is the NEA you ask? The National Education Association. The slow indoctrination by the Left over the last 80 years in our schools and colleges is why we have some of the most incompetent and liberal graduates ever in the history of our nation. Capitalism is not perfect, but it sure beats Socialism and Communism...just ask the messed up folks in Europe now.
 Nice...keep going!!!  Give it to me.

 On a few issues, I do disagree with my fellow conservatives, especially on the issue of Hawaiian Sovereignty. Simply said, the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1893 was flat out wrong and illegal. A nation-within-a nation must come to pass, allowing for a sovereign independent Hawaii Nation. The Nation of Hawaii will arise soon, and I will do everything in my power to help that become a reality.
Umm, nevermind.  Hey look!!!  A squirrel!!!

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