Sunday, September 9, 2012

Liberal White Guilt on Display

Strap in, because here comes the POLITICALLY INCORRECT.
The attached Youtube is an audio commercial for SK Energy Drink by the wonderful Curtis James Jackson III.  Oh, I mean by the wonderful 50 Cent.   The message of the commercial is rather simple.  If you drink an SK Energy shot, you too can lose your articulate grasp of English language and endeavor forward into a gutteral ebonic ridden offering that...makes you more cool, debonair...ummm black.
In short, the implication is that being black is cooler that being white.
You see this recurring theme in a growing number of commercials these days.  For example, you might have seen the one where white folks are all befuddled trying to pick out a pain reliever at the local drug store.  In walks a black woman, who snaps up the best, and off she goes, while the white folks stare on in awe.   Perhaps you've seen the insurance commercial that shows the white guy falling down the hill while the black folks look on with a head shake.   Perhaps you've even noticed that every home security commercial shows a white guy breaking into the home.
What's all this about?  Simple, liberals expressing their white guilt, and feeling absolutely fabulous about how understanding and nuanced they are.
Me?  I'm not interested in taking any "shorties to the candy store."  I could care less if something is smoove.  And, during a job interview, I'm a lot more likely to hire the guy that speaks well, and expresses himself coherently.  Also, energy drinks sound like as good an idea as tattoos.  Those who partake show a lack of good judgement.  

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