Friday, January 4, 2013

Might as Well just Tattoo "Stupid" on your Forehead

Bryon Widner had tattooed brutish symbols including a blood-soaked razor, swastikas and the letters "HATE" on his face and body during his years in the white power movement. After he left the movement, he found he was shunned on job sites, in stores and restaurants, according to a story published in 2011 by The Associated Press.
Heh...gosh...what an asset to any company out there looking for someone  with convictions.  Or not.  Here's the deal.  If you come to me for a job (and yes...I hire quite a few people personally when I have to the time to get involved), I will turn you down flat if I see one visible tattoo on your body.

  Discriminatory?  Unfair?  Old Fashioned?   I don't care what you think about my hiring measures.  I don't want someone who permanently inked their skin working in my organization because those people showed atrociously bad judgement in their personal lives.  Why should their contributions commercially/professionally be any different?

But...but...but...everyone has a tattoo nowadays.  You're living in the past. rules.  It's worked out very well so far (much better than my competitors).

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