Tuesday, January 1, 2013


She gave the term hush money a whole new meaning.
For more than a half-century, Mary McConnell Bailey lived an incredibly quiet and unassuming life.
The shy widow, whose husband died in World War II, had no children, lived in a modest apartment on the East Side, and volunteered at a hospital and schools.
She died at age 88 as quietly as she lived. She never wanted an obit.
But she’ll now be remembered as a major philanthropist. She left a $20 million fortune nobody dreamed she had to her favorite New York institutions — the New York Public Library and Central Park.
In the words of the Occupiers...she didn't pay her fair share.  A patriot would have flaunted their wealth, and made sure that such capital was turned over to the New York Inheritance Tax as well as the Federal Estate Tax.  What a greedy woman.  She's what's wrong with this country?

That's sarcasm, if any of the Occupiers who are proficient in reading ended up muddling through the words. 

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