Monday, January 7, 2013

Guess the Country...

"There are no austerity measures for the criminal gangs."
He added that police officers caught in the open are often met with baseball bats, iron bars and firearms.
"They will also be heavily outnumbered," he said. "Even if we manage to get one of the counties very few police dogs to respond, the dogs can be stabbed or shot and the handlers beaten half to death.
"With our tiny numbers of police available for such a huge county, our pathetically underpowered vehicles and our uniquely unarmed status, the thieves rule this county at night now, not us.
"Local people don't like it when masked gangs run amok in their village and the local police are powerless to stop it.
"They also don't like seeing their high street smashed to pieces when they wake up in the morning, with a huge hole in the bank and all their money gone."
Somalia?...Rwanda?...How about Pakistan?'s Jolly Ole' England.  It's, also, a good argument to stuff multi-culturalism and stringent gun laws up their stiff non-proletarian bums.

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